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  1. iv had the EXACT same issue its made me quit gaming for awhile
  2. hey I saw your comment on a person having issues with choppiness despite high fps think u can help me? im so frusterated


  3. hey did u ever fix ur stuttering issue?

  4. did u ever fix ur high fps but stuttering issue


  5. hey! did u figure out your high fps but choppy issue I have the exact same thing. its so frusterating

  6. did u figure this out? its such I big issue and I relate 100 percent I really need help
  7. yeah still there ughh I really need help
  8. I have this issue too! did u figure it out?
  9. how did you set them to default pls help
  10. im still really having issues how did u fix it ??
  11. wait how did u change display scaling
  12. hey im having this exact same issue and have been trying to fix it for so long. wanna add me on steam or something and maybe we can figure it out