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  1. pothead420

    privacy display

    i just watched the LTT video titled "DIY privacy display - recycle your monitors in a badass way" and i was just wondering if there is a place to buy a monitor that is already set up like this all i am able to find are articles for a diy solution. Please any input would be most apprecated as i have already tried to make my own and failed
  2. pothead420

    Build help...

    @Hotseff lol i didnt even notice that feel like such a noob thank you all for the input everyone i love this build so far and im still under budget thanks!!!!
  3. pothead420

    Build help...

    i am looking to build my first custom rig and i need some advice i will be using it for light gaming (W.o.W, Flight Sims ect.) and backing up my DVD collection (DVD ripping). any help would be greatly appreciated I've included a link with the build i had in mind but from religiously watching Linus's video im really concerned about bottle-necking. my budget is about $1000-$1200 https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3Yhktg