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  1. Jatin9211

    No Display from GPU

    *FIXED*-My motherboard didn't have UEFI support that's why my GPU wasn't showing any display.Bought a new set of ryzen and BAM it works.
  2. Jatin9211

    No Display from GPU

    I will try the solution of instaling drivers.It didnt work.
  3. Jatin9211

    No Display from GPU

    Yes its new and i tested it on my frined's PC it works fine
  4. Jatin9211

    No Display from GPU

    I bought rx580 some days ago,plugged it in my pc but there was no display,swapped back to my old gpu and display was there.I checked every connection needed and 8 pin pci e was connected to gpu. All fans are spinning but no display from 580. My system specs are; i5 2310 mobo-Dell gdg8y(from inspiron 620s) 8 gigs ddr3 ram old gpu-gt 730 PSU-corsair VS550 I took it to a technician and he said my cpu gen is too old for gpu(i know it is old gonna upgrade in 3 months) But from my knowledge i think it should atleast display. i dont know what's wrong so your help will be appreciated.