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  1. westly

    Pc Builds

    pre built pc-2000,1500,1000.500-800
  2. What do you think? the screws where reallllly loose aswell
  3. lol thank you. I will take to you in like an hour if you are still on
  4. when re screwing do it as tite s possible?
  5. after doing this really good and it still doesnt work, whats next?
  6. yeah it worked after I switched it to auto how do I get the thermal past off?
  7. it can take this long? or should i just do something?
  8. okay ill let you know when its done
  9. it says its doing an automatic repair
  10. its been on the msi loading screen for 3 mins now.
  11. okay giving it some test tell you in a min