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  1. MynameaJEFFtoo

    System won’t turn on

  2. MynameaJEFFtoo

    System won’t turn on

    I watched this video trying to figure out what happened and I doubt it was static because there was no smoke or arc that I saw. I just don’t know what else it could be.
  3. MynameaJEFFtoo

    System won’t turn on

    95$ It was refurbished so I wonder if that had something to do with it.
  4. MynameaJEFFtoo

    System won’t turn on

    I’ve had my pc for about 6 months and I just saved up for a GPU. (Asus rx 460) Anyways I open up the pc open up the slots for the graphics card and insert. I forgot to connect the pcie to it so I tried to start it up and the pc wouldn’t turn on. I thought it was something to do with the pcie so I plugged it in and it still wouldn’t turn on. Blank screen, fans won’t spin, nothing. The only light is on the GPU, red when there’s no pcie, white when there is. I triple checked all the wires and their all connected. I tried without the GPU and still nothing. I need help troubleshooting. I think I may have killed either the motherboard or psu with static.
  5. MynameaJEFFtoo

    Applications running slow.

    Asus H110M motherboard Apeva 500w psu G skill 8gb ddr4 ram Rosewill WiFi adapter 500 gb MaxDigitalData hdd Intel G3900 dual-core 2.8 ghz By slow I mean I boot in a decent time but when I attempt to open anythiny it is slow respond after booting. And even when I shut down the computer it takes it a while to process what I’m doing.
  6. MynameaJEFFtoo

    Applications running slow.

    I have an open box Asus motherboard and an Intel G3900 cpu. When I attempt to open anything (games and google included) it is extremely slow and I don’t know how to figure out what’s causing it.