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  1. david.lesicnik

    Alternative to Launchy that isn't sluggish?

    I'll give Wox another shot, maybe they've improved it since I last used it. And while Everything integration isn't super important, it's still nice to have (while not "out of the box" you can get it to work with Launchy) EDIT: Yeah! They've really improved it, I guess I should've tried it again instead of just dismissing it based on past experience. Thanks!
  2. Actually, opening a whole folder in vlc is quite easy. First just make a VLC shortcut on your desktop, open up the properties for it. And just append your path to the Target text box. (If it has spaces surround it with quotes "")
  3. david.lesicnik

    Alternative to Launchy that isn't sluggish?

    I don't use Launchy for document finding (well partially, I use Everything for that and in launchy I do "find [tab] file" and it searches in everything for "file"). I use Launchy more for launching programs and as a quick calculator (I can quickly tab alt + space and type in a simple math problem, so I don't need to open the Calculator app everytime).
  4. david.lesicnik

    SSD comparisation

    I've had the A400 in my laptop now for around 5 months (swapped out the 850 Evo it had before into my desktop when I built it) I also I bought one for my parents last month to upgrade them from an HDD. Can't really say for long term endurance though, but so far they've been doing quite fine (even for my own heavier workloads at work).
  5. david.lesicnik

    What if...: Windows Mobile.

    Believe me I sent it to the service center over 5 times. They kept sending it back saying they didn't find anything wrong with it. The last time I sent it in I sent it in a more legal way to which they had to offer a proper reply. They said screen flickering at lowest brightness (or in WP terms, "low" brightness option, with that set to as low as it can go) was "normal for the phone's operation". After that I was done with the phone, done with the service center (official Nokia service center for my country) and down with using a crappy loaner phone from my carrier, so I just sold it and got a Nexus 5.
  6. david.lesicnik

    What if...: Windows Mobile.

    I loved just looking at my WP8.1 start screen and seeing the little tiles flip around and move about. It looked so clean and yet showed me just the information I needed.
  7. david.lesicnik

    wireless gaming mouse

    I bought a G603 around 10 months ago to replace my old trusty G400s and I love it! I run it with a single AA battery to reduce weight and so far I had to replace the battery once (I'm still on the other pre-packaged one), but LGS is complaining that the battery life is under 20% so I might replace this one too. Logitech's Lightspeed is fantastic, I literally can't tell the difference in latency between this and my wired G400s. One downside are the smooth untextured sides, it can get a bit slippy if I've got dry hands. Oh, did I mention that the top cover - for the batteries and usb reciever - is held on with magnets? Brilliant!
  8. david.lesicnik

    What if...: Windows Mobile.

    I used to own a Lumia 830 for a few months (screen flicker at minimum brightness made me sell it) and I loved Windows Phone 8.1 for what it was. Yes it didn't have apps and yes it was quite locked down. But what it did do, it did oh so well. Super smooth scrolling (I sometimes feel that it was smoother than my current OnePlus 6), super smooth animations, good battery life and a very distinct visual style (that I quite liked). I never did put Windows 10 Mobile on it (sold it before that), but from what I've read just about most of the positives I mentioned before were nullified by W10M. Chippier, worse battery life and a more "traditional" visual style (hamurger menu, app bar up top, etc). I really wish they stuck with what they had with 8.1 and worked on that.
  9. david.lesicnik

    Alternative to Launchy that isn't sluggish?

    So basically, I'm starting to feel Launchy is getting old in the tooth (no out-of-the-box support for Windows 10 apps, etc) and I've been on the search for an alternative. So far I've checked out Wox and Keypirinha (which seem to be two of the more popular ones), but both of them feel a bit sluggish to start up. When I click alt+space Launchy pops up and I can start typing immediately, whereas the other two always have an extra moments of hesitation which usually leads to cut off input (because I start typing too quickly).
  10. david.lesicnik

    Network layout showoff

    Rather boring so far, standard consumer-grade gear, I will be turning an old computer into an ESXi host and offload the VMs off my desktop onto that. As you can tell from the little IP range list, I'm leaving myself lots of headroom with my IP designations, I'd rather not change that in the future once this expands. The reason I have the second router running as a full router and not running them in bridged is because the first one is a router/modem combo and it doesn't have good configuration options, which the second one allows. I'm still trying to figure out how to properly forward ports through two NATs, but, eh, I'll figure it out.