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  1. wait would that part list you provided before work? If so i'll just jump the shark and do it
  2. In facs class it once took me 30 minutes to thread the needle, and that was my quickest time. And I don't have friends irl
  3. As I just now stated, my fine motor skills pretty much stop me from building my own. As for monitor, I have a total of 3000$ in my tower fund, I'm going to look at monitors once I have a tower picked out
  4. 1) Thank you so much! 2) I pretty open there 3) My fine motor skills are trashed. While building my own would be better, I would most likely break something. Lol. I don't trust my self with such costly stuff. I know, I would much rather build my own but oh well.
  5. Okay, so I want my first tower, and I just spent a good hour browsing differnt websites offering pre-builts and I'm more lost now than anything really. I don't know what is good, and what is bad. I just want a clear answer, what would be a good gaming computer within the budget of 2000 bucks. I'm not a graphics whore, I'm more of an FPS whore. I just want the games to run good, they don't need to look good. So if I need to make some cuts with the budget, I'm willing to cut there. I'm very lost and I'm just looking for any help to point me in the right way Thanks for any help you can give <3