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  1. Shenykwa


    Hey, so I'm keeping this short. I am looking for a good microphone for streaming and gaming. My budget is 100-110$. Anything is helping me. Thank you. I saw some interesting things about the Blue Yeti Nano.
  2. So I recently bought a new computer and I have my old headset that is very uncomfortable the microphone is meh and the sound is ok/good. I made some research but can't make up my mind on witch one to get, there are to many different models and price ranges. But I manage to found two I like HyperX Cloud II and the HyperX Alpha. The Cloud II has 7.1 surround sound and the other doesn't, but I think the Alpha has a better sound and a better microphone and an overall quality. My budget is 90-100 euro. From this two witch one should I get and why? I am open to other suggestions if they are better. I play a lot of CsGo, Apex, League, Hitman, GtaV,..., etc. Any information is very useful because I am lost. My curent headset is the Spirit of Gamer PRO-H5 Blue http://www.spiritofgamer.com/fr_pro-h5-blue_gamingheadset/ Thank you for any answer.
  3. At this state the computer has an 128Go SDD and an 1TB HDD. You are right I might buy an extre 1TB HDD they are not the expensive
  4. So, I just but my first gaming computer and of course because it is a pre built unit from HP Omen category it hase some things that can be changed. It has an 128Go installed on the motherboard and it is not enough when you play. I want to buy an KINGSTON SSD A400 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s - 240Go that is around 28-35 euro in France. I want to add it in my station as a secondary SSD and only run my games from it. Is it a viable one and good quality? Or should I get something else my budget can't excede 40 euro? And also can I instal it in my computer and use it without reinstalling the Windows? Open to any suggestions. Thank You.
  5. My main questtion remains, should I be warried abut this computer not performing well in games. I usualy play games on midum to high, and have a 144h monitor 25 ichies. I want to play preaty standard games. (CsGo, LoL, Apex Legends, Hitman, etc).
  6. No you cant change it. It's a prbuilt station. But I dont mind selling the 1060 and my old pc and buy a 1060 6GB or 1080 8GB and a 240-500 SSD
  7. I payed 1260 Euro for it. yes Euro I am from France.
  8. I want to know if I made the good decisions in picking the components of my new computer. I have an Intel core i7-8700 (not k), nvidia geforce gtx 1060 3GB, 16 gigs of ram, 128 ssd, 1TB SATA hard drive, 500W storage banck. Pls feel free to leave any sugestions on my build. Any halp is very much apreciated. I am thincking to change the gpu with an 1080 8GB. Thank You.