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  1. So I’m using Pixelmator and iFont to finish work project on an iPhone. Usually I could use a third party file manager like Documents by readdle in order to extract some zipped fonts I have stored on my iCloud Drive using again my iPhone on a previous project. Today to my surprise I realized I have no access to iCloud from Safari which I need in order to download the zip files coz the build in app files -you guessed it sucks!- even if I try request a desktop version. Files app has a “feature” that if you don’t have an app that apple likes e.g. Pages and you’re trying to download a pages doc (or even an exported from pages pdf for that matter) won’t let you download due to download error. May in ask WHERE is that stated in terms, or why am I even paying a cloud storage if I am unable to have access to my files even if i am using the first party and same company software to do so?!?!?!?!? And I want to make clear that this was possible a couple of months back or so. That being said in hand with the launch off a font store in wwdc earlier this month kinda makes sense in a classic Apple way. Wow I don’t even except anything outta this post just hopping to spread the word (dunno why but i also posted this in Apple’s support communities which just sounds so ironic right now) . Awesome stuff! Please if anyone thinks I’m doing something wrong let me know this would be the process on my Mac but wait it is in service...