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  1. Thanks everyone, i've set the warning to 80 so i can stop as soon as i see it. Though it's never gone higher than 61.
  2. Thanks. I know AMDs tend to run hot anyway which is why i was wondering how hot was too hot.
  3. I'm running an AMD A8-5600K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics and every time i run a game on my rig a pop-up keeps coming up in the bottom right of the screen stating that it's gotten to 60 degrees Celsius. I'd like to know what temperature is actually dangerous to the APU so i can set the warning to point out it's getting closer to that temperature than going to 60C.
  4. so my motherboard's integrated GPU is eating up RAM too?
  5. so i'm assuming i'll need to put everything on an external hard drive before wiping the OS off of it?
  6. And what of the ram i have? what do you suggest and what budget-friendly DDR3 do you recommend. 4gb minimum please.
  7. AMD Radeon Memory Entertainment Series 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) CL9 1.5V. Thats one 4gb stick. Also, how do i update the bios?
  8. would the BIOS need to be updated after a year? wouldn't it update automatically? Please forgive the barrage of questions, i'm a novice. This is probably a stupid question, but would ANY DDR3 ram work with any motherboard as long as it's pin count is compatible with the slot?
  9. what do you think might be another cause? i need all the info and possible solutions i can get.
  10. no, i checked only 2.21 out of 4 gigs is usable.
  11. I've settle on the EVGA Ge-Force 950 FTW. its 175 on Amazon currently.
  12. 4 gigs but my OS is bottle-necking making only 2.21 gigs useable
  13. I recently found out that having a 32 bit OS limits how much RAM i can use. How do i go from a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit? I'm currently running the 32 bit version of windoes 10 Pro.
  14. So the OS is the bottleneck? thanks.
  15. I'm running a 32 Bit version of windows 10 pro