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  1. That's the same I been trying to download and is keep saying the same
  2. It doesn't let me is says that it doesn't support this platform
  3. Need help I have an MSI meg z390 ace and the rgb is glowing red instead of different color does it means something or their is anny way I can change it
  4. Looking for a PC case that have one of the best cooling dynamics and is really good looking
  5. I want something that can maintain very high frames on the lates triple aaa games on ultra settings and that can handle my HTC vive with max settings with a minimum of 100 frps
  6. I already have a good monitor from msi 140hz and I have the attic pro wireless headsets and I have for mouse the logitech g pro wirless
  7. Can someone help making the right Choice on which company you can have the best built and working more than expected for that kind of money
  8. Sow a build with 1 2080ti with room to SlI ? I have build that linus review a couple of days ago and it is from digital storm is a 2000 dollar build with a 2070 what is you think about what I am looking https://www.digitalstorm.com/configurator.asp?id=2265990
  9. Thanks man for been sow helpful I really appreciate it so should I get 2 2060?
  10. I am looking for a 3000 US dollars buget that can manage my HTC vive most games at 2.0 super sampling at max settings with at least 100 fps minimum and most triple aaa PC games at like tumb raider new dawn and other really demanding games at ultra setting with at least a 100 fps I was wondering if is possible to have a machine like that at this buget and in this link I have a build that linus review a couple of days ago and I was wondering if this is enough and if is a good company to buy fromhttps://www.digitalstorm.com/configurator.asp?id=2247198
  11. On what I am looking for what you can tell me about this https://www.digitalstorm.com/configurator.asp?id=2247198
  12. https://www.digitalstorm.com/configurator.asp?id=2247198