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    Independent Graphic Designer


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    Intel Core i7 6700k @ 4.8Ghz
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    Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 7
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    32GB (2x16) G.Skill Ripjaws 3000MHz
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    ASUS 1080Ti Turbo w/Accelero Extreme III Cooler
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    Boot drive: 500GB Crucial NVME + mucho SSD storage for games and an external USB Type C drive for my user folder.
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    Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 850w
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    Dual AOC G2590FX Adaptive Sync/Gsync Compatible
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    Corsair H100i V2
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    Corsair K70 Red (brown switches)
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    Steelseries Rival 300 (white)
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. The main difference between Carey and *everyone else* is Carey has not only talked trash about LTT in the past, calling them shills and the like, as well as saying they are mentally ill for their opinion on thermal compound application - but he can also be quoted verbatim saying how "he doesn't understand how his channel has seen so little growth while hobbyists like LTT and JayzTwoCents are so popular, because his stuff is *real*" Except it IS absolutely surprising. He's a guy who has been youtubing for a decade, and dealt with content ID in the past. To not know the difference between content ID claims and copyright strikes is ridiculous. I get you're a fan of us (you must be), but stop making excuses. You're grasping at straws. He has no excuse not to be up to date on youtube copyright games given his experience. Are you honestly going to insult my or anyone elses intelligence by continuing to say he doesn't know better? Someone who has been doing this for over a decade *Doesn't know better* when people who don't even upload videos to youtube do know these things? It's blatant and you're making excuses for him. From the clickbait title to the outright ignorance and dismissal of the explanations of the ID system people are giving him in his comments, all the way to the "demanding a public announcement and apology to him" from Linus. Not to everyone, no, he said to him. The clamoring for a name drop from Linus is absolutely glistening. It reeks of publicity stunt.
  2. "Both Carey and Linus would benefit from a stream together" - See, now you're buying into exactly what Carey wants. Free promotion.
  3. Yep; and Carey turns around and complains that his channel sees no growth while others do. This kind of crap is why. Nobody wants to watch someone with an attitude like that, and he's full of himself to think he'd even be worth LTT's time even if they did want to strike someone down. It would be like a billionaire stealing a nickel from a small child. It just doesn't happen, and makes no logical sense.
  4. He does that a lot. "Linus and all these hobbyist channels don't understand technology" all while conveniently ignoring how LTT actually started. A bunch of techs who worked for NCIX...doing exactly what he does in his videos. This guy is ignorant to anything that isn't a consumer computer system.
  5. I'd also like to add, as an addition to everything I've said thus far - if you don't think this is about attention seeking, take a look at the clickbait title. "LinusTechTips Trying To Shut Down My YouTube Channel".
  6. Yes, let's ask them to change their entire business model because of an automated youtube system. And? He's also criticized said sponsors in video as well. What's your point? Apparently you're against LMG putting food on their families tables? Not sure what you're even implying here. No, spreading it does not help. It's been shown that unless you use too little, actual temperatures are completely within margin of error. Spreading it out only serves to make a mess. The mount pressure of the cooler is more than enough to spread it out adequately when using the dot/rice/peace/line method, all while making cleaning and replacement far easier later and producing the same results. This happens every year or so. It's entirely youtube. it recognizes video similarity and nothing more. It's flawed as hell, but that's just how it is unfortunately. It's understandable to not be happy, sure; but again, he's a content creator with 1/4 million subscribers who has dealt with this situation before. To expect us to believe he doesn't know how content ID works, completely automated, is nuts. His blaming (which will backfire on him big time) as well as asking for a public announcement/apology from Linus would make most people think he just wants free promotion. I mean, he *has* expressed disdain and resentment for his lack of channel growth compared to other tech channels in the past.
  7. It is overkill, yes, but that's how content ID works. That's how it's always operated; and every time Youtube messes with the algorithm, it causes things like this; BUT, like I said before, he's been doing youtube for 10 years, and has 1/4 million subscribers. You can't expect me to believe he doesn't know full well that content ID exists and how it works considering he has dealt with things like this before.
  8. This exactly, again. The second he made that video, Carey instantly became the only actual person in the wrong.
  9. That is COMPLETELY possible (but unlikely, because content ID is known for doing this automatically) - but there's a HUGE difference between saying it's their network, and LMG themselves. Networks do this without even notifying the content creators. To be fair, the reasons Carey often gets attacked are largely brought on by himself. He's done everything from call channels like LTT shills, to say people have a mental illness for thinking it matters how you apply thermal paste. He largely invites that kind of treatment with the way he talks a lot of the time. He may know what he's talking about for the most part, but he's a smug guy with a holier than thou attitude.
  10. No, nobody actively did this. IT IS COMPLETELY AUTOMATED BY YOUTUBE'S CONTENT ID SYSTEM. The same thing happened to the TechQuickie channel for using content from the main LTT channel. Do you really, honestly think they content claimed themselves? He is INCORRECT. You can believe him all you want - he's still completely incorrect. He's got 1/4 million subscribers and has dealt with situations like this before. Don't patronize us by saying he doesn't know how content ID works by now. If he honestly doesn't, he's willfully choosing to be ignorant to it.
  11. Again, as a business man, he should know better than to speak from emotion like that. He's a man who preaches professionalism as a religion, and coming out with a blame game video like that is about as unprofessional as it gets.
  12. As a business man, Carey should know better than to publicly make allegations like this with absolutely jack to back it up.
  13. To add to that - it tells you whether or not it was via the CONTENT ID system when you get the copyright claim. If it was, it means completely automatic.
  14. Please go back to Carey, who clearly hasn't explained Youtube's content ID system to you and ask him to. It's automated. You're being about as ignorant as Carey is by posting this thread. Think about this from a logic standpoint. I know it'll be hard as a Carey Holzman fan, but try. Linus has nothing to gain by "attacking" Carey Holzman. If you asked Linus what he thought of him, the answer what likely be "I don't". Carey is zero competition or threat to Linus whatsoever. Why would Linus waste his time? On the other hand, who has everything to gain by making accusations like this? Carey, and only Carey.
  15. This exactly. He should keep his big mouth shut until he can actually provide evidence. This will backfire on him *big time*. By the end of this, Linus won't be the one apologizing.