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  1. it does for me, when i game its realy annoying
  2. I built my computer for a while ago, then it suddently started to crash both games and the computer. I mad a threat about it here. I reinstalled the drivers twice and it didnt help. Yesterday when i got home everything worked fine again but today its not working as well. It pretty much comes from day to day, anyways, i got cracked windows and some people i spoke to said that that could be the reason to my problem aswell. They told me to buy a real windows. Now when reinstalling my drivers didnt work im going to go for the "Buy windows" solution. And then i got a ide that instead of spending 180$ i can buy it from kinguin.net. but then i though that might not work peefectly fine anyways because thats not actully a real windows license aswell, right? should i buy the real windows or is the one from kinguin the same thing?
  3. under the process i got the blue screen with a sad smile, i guess ur familiar with it. And when it got to 100% it just stoped and nothing happend, the computer should restart when it hit 100% but now it didnt and i left it for around a hour and now i had to turn of my computer manualy. I dont know whats happeing atm realy, it all worked fine for a week ago and now this. I dont realy know either if i had broken any parts when i built it but i was realy careful with the parts and didnt break anything what i know.
  4. What should i do with the results. Is there any thing specific i should look for?
  5. Thanks, it helped. But for how long should i let it go or does it stop by it self. Then it said thet it would fix my gpu drivers or something.
  6. Is there any tutorial on youtube that show me how to use it, i get realy lost
  7. Which one should i try? from the different options? Performancetest?
  8. What would u suggest me to do?
  9. I have no idea what you just said, sorry im just not very well known in this topic. But i will continue listen if you could teach me or something if there is a chance it would work and solve it.
  10. From fortnite its the normal unreal engine UE4. And from axep and far cry its nothing, its just closes down. The blue screen says that there has been a problem or something and its a huge sad smile. Then it starts loading a procent bar and then it restarts.
  11. I got the latest drivers from nvidia but i havnt tried reinstralling, and i dont know how to do it either.
  12. Hi, ive been reading alot of other threads and didnt find anything helpful. So...I built a new PC for around a month ago, with good specs.Gtx 1070 ryzen 5 26002x 8gb ddr4 3200mhz250 gb ssd samsungKraken x62Asus Prime B450-plusCorsair vs450 450watt (NZXT H500i) if anyine were intrested.So the problem started yesterday when i came home from a vacation, i started playing some fortnite, then the sudden happend that the game crashed. I didnt think much of it just started it again. And it crashed again. I got mad and started playing Apex Legends. Then that crashed aswell. And it just kept going. After some crashes later my computer also started crash with a blue screen, i think we are all known of it. This wasnt anything new but it started doing it a lot and often. I started searching around the web and did everything people said would help. Nothing helped... I though it was some problems with those games so i tried a game of league of legends. It worked perfect the whole game and i didnt play anymore. I also tried Far Cry 5 and it worked for around a 1h as the other games and then it crashed. The only thing i know is that Apex, Fortnite and far cry has in common is that they all use something called EasyAntiCheat. I though for a sec that this Easyac Was the problem, but it didnt seem so trustworthy. Im in huge need of help. And i will respond as fast as i can to all your quietsions if needed. (Sry for bad english tho.)