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  1. The Cow

    CPU Cooler Height = GPU Height?

    Thanks for the replies, the 90 degree adapter will give me a last resort if needed. Ended up un-pinning the 2nd PCIe pigtail from my Corsair RM750x cable, bends much nicer now.
  2. I have a Corsair 280x and I am looking to put in a MSI 2060 Gaming Z. The cards height is 129mm and the case has a listed max CPU cooler height of 150mm, is there concern for clearance while taking into account the 8 pin on top?
  3. The Cow

    Onboard WiFi drops connection

    And coherent help is more than I was expecting. Remembered I was still in Newegg’s replacement period, less daunting than an RMA through MSI.
  4. The Cow

    Onboard WiFi drops connection

    MSI just gave me a general troubleshooting guide and said RMA if that fails. Clear cmos, start unplugging things, test outside of case.
  5. The Cow

    Onboard WiFi drops connection

    Ten feet away with me and the case in the way. Nothing else has issues. Is there more to installation than line up and thread in? They thread to the base of the connections so I assumed that was good. Thanks for the help on this.
  6. The Cow

    Onboard WiFi drops connection

    I believe they both are, I’ve re-seated/reattached them a few times now. I was kinda going in this direction as well so I ordered two replacements, one looks identical and the other is a remote mount style but I have to wait until delivery. Are broken antennas common?
  7. I am wondering if anyone has ever had this issue or knows a fix other than to RMA the MOBO. I have a MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge AC MOBO and the WiFi is giving me some trouble. It connects to my router with no issues then randomly disconnects from the internet, Windows gives me the connected with no internet message. The funny thing is when I hold my hand about one inch from the rear antenna I have no problem, I can try loading a page and if nothing is happening I just hold my hand back there and it loads immediately. I have tried switching the antennas around and the computer is sitting where a laptop once was in relation to the router, phone and laptop both have access in that location with zero issues. Any help is appreciated. MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge AC I7-8700k Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3000mhz 8Gb x2 RTX 2070 FE Corsair RMx750 psu Corsair H115i Pro 860 Evo SSD 960 Evo NVMe Corsair 280x case bios version 1.3, latest windows 10 home 64 bit
  8. The Cow

    MSI vs. ASUS z390m

    Yeah, we are. Not asking about it like i'm getting it, I think z390 is not necessary for my case, but is there any issue with that MSI board? Not a lot of info or reviews.
  9. The Cow

    MSI vs. ASUS z390m

    Lol, fair enough. I guess i'm stuck on not using dongles as i'm sick of laptops.
  10. The Cow

    MSI vs. ASUS z390m

    What would be your suggestion in a non overclock, 8700 non k, situation. sticking with z390 for the WiFi and BT 5.0.
  11. The Cow

    MSI vs. ASUS z390m

    What would make you choose this over the MSI and ASUS boards?
  12. So, which would you choose? https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813119161&ignorebbr=1 or https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16813144214 I am partial to the MSI due to the rear IO but I can't get past the negative feedback MSI usually garners. The lame thing is, they are the same price and no current bundle deals with a 8700k. Side note, anyone have significantly higher thermals with a 8700k at stock speeds when compared to the 8700 non K?
  13. The Cow

    A Console Gamers PC

    Thanks but going AMD is a little out of my comfort zone, I know its a stupid excuse. I'm torn between the i5-8600K and i7-8700. From what I have read, the i7 is more for me as I won't overclock the i5 for performance now and the i7 seems to be a better choice for 2070. It's only a $20 difference but more making sure the i7 is the right choice. Was hoping to leave it open for an audio card for HT options and a cleaner look but appreciate it regardless.
  14. Hi, Long time listener, first time caller. tl;dr Need new computer now, console gaming mainly but am sick of laptops. Money is an object but I am flexible, read numbered list below. I would like 6 years of solid use while keeping GPU upgrades in mind. I need a new computer and I am not going the laptop route again. Two days ago, my Dell laptop's motherboard decided to short to ground 1 year and 20 days after purchase and in that time it was sent out for various problems 4 times. I bought a laptop thinking I would play games when I travel for work but to be honest, I never had time when traveling so I ended up just setting it on a desk and being underwhelmed by its performance for $1400. I am a console gamer by nature but was really digging 60+ fps at medium setting on a 1060. I am targeting a RTX 2060 but am going to wait until the 1660 arrives as I do not need to game right now and may go 2070 if the full price of the computer is spread out over two purchases. Budget is flexible but I am not looking to go crazy. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated, I am looking to order in the next few days as I need a home computer and my wife's mac is always in use by her. Looking at micro atx and 2060 for the small form factor and PC gaming is second to console for me. I will not be overclocking, not my thing for personal use. RGB means nothing to me. Corsair crystal 280X: Black, simple, smallish, looks good, appears to function well. Ram: probably go 3000 but will only be getting 2X8 for now I7 8700: Do not want to over clock so K is not required. My be able to convince my wife to stray from mac with this thing but more looking for overhead when compared to the 8600K. May go 2060, may go 2070, the next generation of xx60 would almost certainly be upgraded too. Cooler Master ML240L: I want quiet and piece of mind. Asus TUF Z390M: This will undoubtably be overkill but... I want M.2 on the board, 2 PCIE slots, type C on the rear IO, WiFi (doing drops in a house you rent is hard enough, not doing one for my desk) and what I tell myself is headroom but will obviously be under utilized because I live excess. Corsair RMx 2018 650w 80+ gold: Modular, overhead, not that expensive when compared, efficient. Drives: I already own and plan to use a 500gb 960 evo NVMe and a 1tb 860 evo SSD. May pick up a couple tb HDD to store my entire steam library. Cables will be sourced, I have monitor, mouse and keyboard. 1080p 144hz now but may purchase a 1440p later on as I just bought a Samsung 8000 55 inch 4k for the living room. Blow holes in this, send helpful comments... I am stubborn Thank you in advance.