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  1. Wow ok i'm glad yours is working again hopefully mine does the same thing
  2. Thanks mate I'll give it a shot
  3. Hey everyone I've had my PC for a bit over half a year now and it's been great and running perfectly until a week ago where I turned it off Monday night, then on Tuesday I tried to turn it back on again and it would go into a boot loop. Once it went through the cycle where it would turn off I cut the power waited for all the LED's to turn off then I turn the power back on and try again and about when it would normally turn off and start the loop the normal screen comes up but then soon after switches to another screen saying it's posted in safe mode (pictures provided) then I press F1 to open the bios where I can manually launch windows by going into Boot Menu. I've read some of the other forums about this and they all say it might be something like RAM isn't seated properly but I don't think this is the problem seeing as it boots the second time and reads that both stick are there. It also seems to have a problem turning off where the screens will turn off and it sounds like the CPU has turned off but the lights and fans stay on and just keeps running until I hold the power button down.