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  1. So I've been looking at getting a new phone and there's nothing that has a price to performance ratio like the pocophone. My only issue with it is that the corners of the screen are just too curved. Would it be worth waiting for the pocophone 2 to come out and hope it comes out for a similar price? Any other recommendations you guys have?
  2. Thanks for the help guys. I have an important project I'm working on and I don't want to lose my workflow by reinstall a lot of software and transferring files at the moment. I will put programmes on the SSD for now so they run faster then when I am done with the projects I will wipe the SSD and put the OS on it since I will have to reinstall all programmes again anyway. Thanks.
  3. So I just found out how difficult it is to transfer all my data off of my HDD since I have a smaller SSD, 120gb Vs 1tb. Is it worth keeping the OS on the HDD and putting software like Firefox, Microsoft office , premiere pro and some games on the SSD.
  4. Paid £2. Lifetime guarantee apparently but we will see.
  5. Didn't know you could get a key so cheap. Might just do that. No it's after I upgraded.
  6. Whenever I try that method I'm hit with a "Unable to reach Windows activation servers".
  7. Hey guys, Installed a new motherboard and suddenly my computer is asking me to activate windows 10. I realize this is a common issue but I have upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and don't have my windows 7 key anymore. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the watermark at this point?
  8. As I said the other listings of the same card that I've seen aren't as cheap but I'll definitely update you guys if there's any positive or negative news. Shipping from China might take a while tho.
  9. First post gave me a little confidence then you two came in and shattered my dreams. It was buy it now. I might just wait and go though PayPal customer support if it doesn't arrive. On the off chance that it is real.
  10. So it it arrives at my door I've basically hit the jackpot then?
  11. Hey forum, First post here so hopefully this is in the right place and hopefully I don't make a fool of myself too much. I purchased a 1060 6gb of of eBay just now because I saw that it was going for very cheap. £49 cheap. I'm usually very sceptical but I looked up the brand and it turns out it's a Chinese brand that actually isn't that bad at all. The only issue is they sell their cards closer to £200. The eBay listing also claims the card is brand new... Any thoughts on this? I put an image so you can see what I'm taking about.