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  1. U,S 2400$ Gaming,Collage,Editing Weight is not important, but I prefer it to be as thin as possible. Battery life is not important.
  2. Me too, but I've heard that its keyboard and speakers are not that great. Speakers are not a problem but keyboard is.
  3. Hello everyone, So I was looking for a gaming laptop that looks cool I have 2 in mind Eluktronics Mech 17 VS MSI GS75 The Eluktronics Has a full RTX 2070, The MSI has the Max Q version. The Eluktronics Design is not as beautiful as the MSI and has rough edges, MSI Design is great. The Eluktronics comes with CoD BO5, MSI comes with a great bundle. The Eluktronics doesn't have a thunderbolt 3, MSI has 1 thunderbolt 3 The Eluktronics costs 1800, The MSI costs 2400. I want the laptop to last for a couple of years. I will use it roughly since all my work will be in it. Gaming is important. Good looking is better. What do you think? what should I get? Do you suggest another laptop?