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  1. I had a similar problem a while back, it took me like 4 months to figure out but it was one out of my 4 ram sticks messing with my system for me because it had been shorted on the motherboard from the case pressing on some of the pins from the thicc tube making the system freak out and sometimes makes me watch as windows slowly dies infront of me (including task manager :O). The power shutting off or blue screen/black screen if prob you GPU not getting enough power (it happened to me with my gtx 970 and a power hungry overclocked fx 8350 with a 600-watt power supply). This is my old system tho. video of what mine looked like (yes I know, sketch water cooling):
  2. Spontaneous

    RGB on the phanteks Eclipse P350X case

    yea I know that but the advertise it working with Aurora RGB, I was wondering if the connector for it was 3pin of 4pin (i didn't make it very clear)
  3. I have 2 questions, 1. Does the Phanteks Eclipse P350X use 3 pin or 4 pin connectors for its RGB and 2. if its 3 pin, is there somewhere I can get a 3pin to 4pin adapter because my motherboard only has 1 4pin connector, its an Asus prime B450 plus (90MB0YN0-M0EAY0) and everything else uses 4 pin rgb. Thx