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  1. Before 1 hr i have been able to use this computer fine and have been able to use it for a year and never got any problems to play any games on it. Suddenly when i enabled fast boot from Windows , my pc restarted and now it wont boot... Mobo showing red CPU light , would be on for 2s then turn off quickly then the DRAM led would flash on for a second and turn off and it would go back to the CPU led. It would cycle like this every 20 seconds It used to work just an hour ago. Dont know what to do right now. Tried to reset Cmos using screwdriver but still not working. 20200127_205549.mp4
  2. Its exactly the same problem im having so i thought that its PSU's fault..... He fixed it by changing the connectors.
  3. Actually my Psu has 2x8 pins but i am having a problem with the Gpu. Please check this thread-https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/gpu-randomly-making-screen-go-black.241823/ I am having this exact same problem so i thought of changing the 6 pin connectors....
  4. Im using a Msi gtx 970 which requires 2x6 pin connectors.And my power supply has 1x6 pin.And i have like 3x4 pin left unused.So can i use that 4 pin to 6 pin converter ?Im confused between these two....1)https://www.amazon.in/Invento-Molex-Express-Female-Adapter/dp/B07J5NPXJZ?tag=googinhydr18418-21 2)https://www.amazon.in/Invento-Molex-Express-Adapter-Y-Cable/dp/B07J44FFQZ?tag=googinhydr18418-21 Whats the difference between these two ?Which one should i use ???
  5. I just ran Furmark 4k for 1 hr and the temps were 78-82..... No black screen this time. As i said it happens ocassionally. Its just random.
  6. No i bought a new ssd too and install windows in it and used my old hdd as secondary.
  7. As from my logic , it should be my gpu or psu for sure because my mobo , ram and cpu is new..... And as i said this problem used to happen in my old pc which had the same psu and gpu.. Any specific way to know which one is causing the issue. I dont have any spare parts so it could be a waste if i buy a psu now until im sure thats causing the problem. As i said earlier it happens ocassionally , sometimes it wont happen even after playing 6 hours....
  8. While playing rainbow six siege or any other game, by a loop sound for a second the display went off but i could still hear people talking in Discord. Then i had to hard reset. Happening only when playing games This happened 2nd time today... My pc is new (1 month) except the graphics card and psu Specs-Ryzen 7 2700 Corsair Vs 650 Gigabyte Aorus B450 Elite 8 Gb Corsair 2400 mhz and a gtx 970 which is 3 years old Its been one month and had no problem but today only i had this problem. The temps are just fine. This used to happen in my older pc with same gpu and psu from this one which was an i3 and a gigabyte h61 mobo. But when it used to happen in my older pc, after black screen i had to hard reset and the windows boots but no display , that was because of a ram ..... But here the computer boots fine after black screen... For me it happens randomly , so its kinda hard to predict when the next black screen will occur. Its like once in 3 days or so. Please help !