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  1. Abhraneel Roy

    Question 2x4 pin to 6 pin or 1x4 pin to 6 pin ?

    Corsair VS650
  2. Abhraneel Roy

    Question 2x4 pin to 6 pin or 1x4 pin to 6 pin ?

    Its exactly the same problem im having so i thought that its PSU's fault..... He fixed it by changing the connectors.
  3. Abhraneel Roy

    Question 2x4 pin to 6 pin or 1x4 pin to 6 pin ?

    Actually my Psu has 2x8 pins but i am having a problem with the Gpu. Please check this thread-https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/gpu-randomly-making-screen-go-black.241823/ I am having this exact same problem so i thought of changing the 6 pin connectors....
  4. Im using a Msi gtx 970 which requires 2x6 pin connectors.And my power supply has 1x6 pin.And i have like 3x4 pin left unused.So can i use that 4 pin to 6 pin converter ?Im confused between these two....1)https://www.amazon.in/Invento-Molex-Express-Female-Adapter/dp/B07J5NPXJZ?tag=googinhydr18418-21 2)https://www.amazon.in/Invento-Molex-Express-Adapter-Y-Cable/dp/B07J44FFQZ?tag=googinhydr18418-21 Whats the difference between these two ?Which one should i use ???
  5. Abhraneel Roy

    Display goes off while playing games.

    I just ran Furmark 4k for 1 hr and the temps were 78-82..... No black screen this time. As i said it happens ocassionally. Its just random.
  6. Abhraneel Roy

    Display goes off while playing games.

    No i bought a new ssd too and install windows in it and used my old hdd as secondary.
  7. Abhraneel Roy

    Display goes off while playing games.

    As from my logic , it should be my gpu or psu for sure because my mobo , ram and cpu is new..... And as i said this problem used to happen in my old pc which had the same psu and gpu.. Any specific way to know which one is causing the issue. I dont have any spare parts so it could be a waste if i buy a psu now until im sure thats causing the problem. As i said earlier it happens ocassionally , sometimes it wont happen even after playing 6 hours....
  8. While playing rainbow six siege or any other game, by a loop sound for a second the display went off but i could still hear people talking in Discord. Then i had to hard reset. Happening only when playing games This happened 2nd time today... My pc is new (1 month) except the graphics card and psu Specs-Ryzen 7 2700 Corsair Vs 650 Gigabyte Aorus B450 Elite 8 Gb Corsair 2400 mhz and a gtx 970 which is 3 years old Its been one month and had no problem but today only i had this problem. The temps are just fine. This used to happen in my older pc with same gpu and psu from this one which was an i3 and a gigabyte h61 mobo. But when it used to happen in my older pc, after black screen i had to hard reset and the windows boots but no display , that was because of a ram ..... But here the computer boots fine after black screen... For me it happens randomly , so its kinda hard to predict when the next black screen will occur. Its like once in 3 days or so. Please help !