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  1. Khan92

    Advise on Cooling Fan 3x120 vs 2x140

    Interesting ...but im still to scare of water cooling solution..perhaps maybe after a few years of training building a PC i should be able to do it
  2. Khan92

    Advise on Cooling Fan 3x120 vs 2x140

    Thank you so much for the advise...i will look into CFM and DBA even more .. more research needed from my side to understand on this things.. U been very helpful.. Have a great one ,Bless your soul
  3. Hi Guys, I just recently build my 1st PC (previously just own gaming laptop). My build is using Cooler Master Master Box MB500 TUF Gaming Edition ATX Gaming Case come with Three 120mm RGB Fans. 2 of the fans in the front for intake and 1 at the back as exhaust fan. I'm thinking to add more fans for the cooling my system as I'm planning to Overclock my GPU(Vega 56) and upgrade my CPU to the 3rd gen Ryzen CPU once it's out. Do u think I should have 3x120mm for intake and 3x120mm for exaust OR 2x140mm for intake and 3x120mm for exaust is better for the air flow? I'm still new in this area & your advise is much appreciated. English is my 3rd language sorry for the grammatical error . Thanks, Khan