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  1. Hi Guys, Require your opinion which one of these monitor is the best ? I'll be using it for my secondary monitor (Gaming) as my main is an IPS panel monitor use for netflix..youtube etc... Currently they are on sales in my country and almost at the same price.
  2. I already got my self ROG Strix Vega56 only at 360 USD(On sale)..and after doing some research i found this : So i think i'm just gonna save money with this...Mybe i can just upgrade the GPU sometime in the future.,, Have a nice day
  3. So a day after posting this I saw there's an anniversary sales for one of the local tech shop..they offered Asus ROG Strix Vega56 only at 360 USD(Limited to only 10 units) I can easily OC this card to match vega 64 ..I manage to be the 2nd buyer at their website..Thanks everyone for their help here..Much appreciated! May the force be with you
  4. Yup2 u r right . u must live in the same region to..Nitro plus 64 never reach here to bad...i c alot of ppl recommending this card
  5. I did saw only one shop in my country sell EVGA for the same price as MSI Armour but it's very suspicious when tht is the only place sell it... kindda worried about the warranty...we do have Galax/Zotac/gigabyte for budget option.. thanks for the recommendation.. I will check further with the store for more information on tht EVGA card ..
  6. Wow..that is very informative I'm not aware of the bearing in the fans ... I'll will do more research then before deciding on anything... Appreciate all the help I'm getting from this forum cheers
  7. Interesting experiment u were doing...I'll keep this in mind when making decision
  8. Hhahahha Thank you for your guidance ,,,I will make my decision soon I hope.Cheers!
  9. My country doesn't have Ebay bro .. I live in South East Asian country and I'm looking for new GPU not a second hand one as those card i post are all new... EVGA present in my country but they only sell GPU (T_T) #DevelopingCountryIssue thanks for the advise
  10. Hi Bro,sorry i meant to say 750watt(post amended) which is as advised by AMD for Vega 64.. So which one of the Vega 64 u will recommend out of those 3 ? what is 2 cts? I'm obviously noob here ..
  11. Hi Guys, Currently i'm planning to upgrade my GPU and not sure between RTX 2070 or Vega 64? I'm also new in this PC building/Gaming Spec : I'm using X470 Gigabytes Wifi 5 For MOBO and Ryzen 2700x for CPU. 16G of DDR4 3200mhz. PSU - cooler master 750watt (80+Bronze) In my Country the rate as per below(as of April 2019 FXrate) : All New item not second hand ASUS VGA ATI RX VEGA 64 8GB (STRIX-RXVEGA64-O8G-GAMING) - 617.06 GIGABYTE RX VEGA 64 GAMING OC - 551.73 USD POWERCOLOR Red Devil Radeon™ Vega 64 8GB - 474.05 USD GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2070 WINDFORCE 8GB GDDR6 - 538.17 USD GALAX RTX 2070 EX Gamer White ( 1 Click OC ) 27NSL6UCW6GX - 524.62 USD ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2070 AMP Extreme Core - 638.60 USD I'm looking for 1440px gaming experience and based on my research they are all solid contender. Maybe some guidance in the term of not only value for money(I should just take the cheapest) but also OC / longevity of the card . Thanks in advance if I missed any comment/advise.
  12. Interesting ...but im still to scare of water cooling solution..perhaps maybe after a few years of training building a PC i should be able to do it
  13. Thank you so much for the advise...i will look into CFM and DBA even more .. more research needed from my side to understand on this things.. U been very helpful.. Have a great one ,Bless your soul
  14. Hi Guys, I just recently build my 1st PC (previously just own gaming laptop). My build is using Cooler Master Master Box MB500 TUF Gaming Edition ATX Gaming Case come with Three 120mm RGB Fans. 2 of the fans in the front for intake and 1 at the back as exhaust fan. I'm thinking to add more fans for the cooling my system as I'm planning to Overclock my GPU(Vega 56) and upgrade my CPU to the 3rd gen Ryzen CPU once it's out. Do u think I should have 3x120mm for intake and 3x120mm for exaust OR 2x140mm for intake and 3x120mm for exaust is better for the air flow? I'm still new in this area & your advise is much appreciated. English is my 3rd language sorry for the grammatical error . Thanks, Khan