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  1. No its not. I use it as a daily workflow. Every notification I get, I open the video and add them to my watch later using keyboard and mouse when I have a spare moment during work. Now I have to do that on my phone which means that if I don't want to do it, the notifications pile up and I lose track. So currently, I say: screw it, and I just swipe away those notifications, which means that I'm also swiping away LTT videos hoping that I don't forget to add them later which I'm seeming to forget. So yes, it pains me to say it, but I'm not watching as much LTT videos because of this. Youtube really is dying to me. Also, I am a content creator myself, although I don't have enough subscribers to be counted as a content creator to youtube, so no premium support, but since about 4 weeks, I see that my videos are not watched that much anymore. Its hurting me in so many ways.
  2. Gave it a shot, needs too much security settings disabled for me to trust this. Besides, it really is not the problem. I have the same problem on the website, and I run pihole anyway, so I don't have an ad problem.
  3. Floatplane looks interesting. Is a subscription only for one channel or for all channels? And are the other Linus Media Group channels also on there? I only see a Linus Tech Tips, not a Tech Quicky etc...
  4. I currently use my phone with notifications turned on in order to save videos to my Watch Later playlist, so that I can watch those videos in one go from my tv without touching anything. But I'm now simply missing notifications due to the sheer amount of channels I'm subscribed to. I'm pretty sure I'm missing lots of LTT, SC, etc videos because of this. Also, I got a message from youtube that they're going to do things with playlists and that certain features are going to be removed in the near future, but they did not specify what is going to be removed. So if the Watch Later is going to be removed, Youtube is dead to me. Good to see that Floatplane exists. I'll probably switch to that then.
  5. Hi there, Does Linus Media Group have a youtube alternative? For 4 weeks now, youtube is broken for me. I don't receive email notifications and as a result, I'm missing a lot of videos now. I've sent youtube feedback like 100 times now, but even that function is only working 20% of the time. It sounds like YouTube is dying, so any other platform I can use to keep seeing these videos? Thanks.