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  1. Rising storm 2 Vietnam i see small little grass just randomly appearing about 70 meters infront of me maybe some shadows for like Tree's too. Yes all games Including the game in this video (Insurgency Sandstorm are running max settings) I think the Card needs a Reapply of thermal paste which i have ordered but do you think judging by this footage there is more wrong with the card or is this just a coincidence and Im freaking out over nothing?
  2. Im getting weird stuff like this and like small little gress rendering in a little bit ahead of me its really noticeable.
  3. Some of my games will load grass in infront of me and shadows when they are relatively close after a Long period of playing also stuff like this begins to happen.
  4. thank you i will Do this all I ordered some Paste just waiting for it to arrive.
  5. update: i rolled back a driver and trying World of Warships uhmm No artifacting or any sort of Texture glitches but Driver version 4.17.71 has given me about a 12 FPS average boost in World of warships..
  6. A road texture just to the right of the Above Photo
  7. Update: was playing the game at Accidently 100% without the fans at 100% unsure of what the Temps where at the time of this screenshot but i noticed this is this any cause for concern? look near my feet in the mud
  8. ok thank you. but you do agree its probably just a bit of dusting/cleaning and some new thermal paste and it would probably be normal?
  9. to be honest No; i built the system myself back in 2016 but as for Disassembling a GTX 1070 no should i bring it to a PC repair shop and have them do that part for me?
  10. I would like to say I also have no artifacting or Flickering or anything of the sort im actually using it rn the fans spin a ok i just cant fully use its Power Limit % in MSI Afterburner there seems to be nothing wrong with the card other than it gets hot as of late.
  11. aye there is ive done a quick job of the general case and had Some success reducing temps but not much im gonna clean it part by part when the thermal paste arrives.
  12. yeah we have determined i probably just need new thermal paste on the GPU Die; Do you agree?
  13. well Nvidia gpu's start Thermal throttling at 83C so i mean i like to have my GPU perform at its Recommended Spec at least after a while of 83C it doesnt Anymore.