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  1. Well i tried this using a guide online to match the header and the cookie from chrome but nothing. Mind sharing your "settings" ? Reminder the website i want requires login. With credentials that I Have ofc.
  2. Hi, So i am trying to download a website that the user to be logged in (login is a php page) I searched everything the results i got were too complicated, the apps not-free and mostly outdated Basically i want something to download a website after a login update it frequently and download pdf, office and other files Any suggestions?
  3. Hi,I bought recently a managed network switch (tp-link) to use on my LAN everything is default, nothing changed plug and play. My problem here is, that my switch actually causes my upload speed to drop from 300 to 240-ish. Download speed is not changed, direct connection from the router gives me a symmetric 300/300. I have faith in my setup I even used SFTP cabled across my home. Plenty speed tests confirm the lower upload speed. I tested using every method available even p2p and still my upload never reached above 232 Any ideas ?