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  1. i bought 4 of these https://www.newegg.com/cooler-master-mfx-b2dn-18npa-r1-case-fan/p/N82E16835103300?Item=N82E16835103300 they have a 4 pin power cord and a 3 pin rgb cord i need help finding a spliter/hub that will power all the fans (has 4 - four pin connectors) i also need a spliter/hub that will connect my rgb please send links if you find anything thanks.
  2. so im new to the forums but i wanted to know if there was an app i can get on my phone that simplifys everything tech ex i could look up an i3-8350k wich has a LGA 1151 socket and every mother board with that socket pops up right there? just an idea if anybody knows about any app that does this then let me know