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  1. I know this isn't really phones and tablets, but this is the closest category. I'm looking for a budget watch and I only really need 2 key features. It needs to tell the time (?) and have Google pay. If it has more, then that's great, especially if it displays notifications and has Google Assistant, but that's not critical. Appreciate the help.
  2. I have a Pocophone F1 that is running MIUI and I can't update it to any version that is more recent. I have tried downloading an update file and putting it in the updater app, but it gave me an error message. Can anyone please help? Thanks a lot.
  3. Could you please just repeat that, but with simpler terms. I am fairly new to the phone community (I have a phone for some time, but I wasn't very into the tech part of it). Thanks
  4. I did check a few times for the update, but it said I had the latest version. I guess I'll wait. Thanks for letting me know though.
  5. I have a global version of the Poco F1 (6GB RAM and 64GB storage) that came with MIUI I know that MIUI 10 is out, but I don't know how to install it. What do I have to do? All help is appreciated.
  6. I don't use NFC anyway and none of my previous devices support wireless charging so I don't even have a wireless charger. I heard that face ID is region locked though, is that true?
  7. I also saw that there is a 64GB and a 128GB model. They are otherwise identical, right?
  8. How do I install the ported camera app (might seem obvious to you, but I'm fairly new to phones, so I wouldn't know)? Will the photos be better than on my Xperia Z5? (23MP single camera) In what scenarios? (low light, shaky hands)
  9. Also, is the method Linus described to change the OS still working? Are there any updates of some of the stuff he showed that I should know of?
  10. Yes that is the phone I'm talking about. Is it still relevant/any good? I'm not interested in the Google Pixel thing, but just wondering if I should get the phone or not. P.S. Are there any better alternatives for a similar price?
  11. I'm not sure if that's a great idea TBH. And no software optimisation can help with thermals under load.
  12. I know this has been around for some time. I remember seeing an LTT video on it where they did it with a Xiaomi. Can't remember which one though. The phone interested me when I saw the video. I currently have a Sony Xperia Z5. The problem I have with it is that it used to lag immensely and even swiping animations looked like crap. It was so bad that I turned on a feature where the phone would always use the GPU to make the image. The lagging mostly stopped (apps still crash, especially YouTube), but the battery now drains in half a day instead of one and a half days. It is also a very hot phone. My budget is flexible, but the lower the better. A 1000$ IPhone is completely out of the question though.
  13. I would like to buy a new phone. I remember seeing a LTT video on changing the OS of a phone (can't remember the model). Is that still relevant? Should I buy it? Also, I can't find the video again, could someone please reply with a link to it?