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  1. Aww forget it. Gonna cost me to downgrade but kinda out of options.
  2. Pricing up PSUs atm but to err on the safe side it looks like the same price as a new CPU - in the name of fault finding alone I can certainly not afford both! I really wish I hadn't gotten myself into this very expensive pickle. I really do.Welcoming any advice atm.
  3. They haven't told me but I presume the latest. Couldn't do it myself as I had (and still have) no boot - even as far as BIOS. No fans spin so prob no 12v but lights so prob got 5v. That's the only change. Although my mouse lit via USB previously...
  4. Hello, new here! I've spent over a month looking for a solution to this "new" build problem.... I've had the MOBO back and forth to the supplier and finally got a BIOS upgrade.. so now the pretty lights on the MOBO are illuminated.. but that's it. I've bought a 2nd stick of RAM from a 2nd vendor to check that - no change. Can't afford a new CPU but don't think that's at fault and this is the second of the same brand PSUs I've tested it with. Is there a secret switch somewhere? Or a plastic "try-me" tag like on my lads toys at xmas? (Erm, lol [ish]). Help, please!