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  1. you sure you didn't get a dead gpu ?
  2. Try this method. install the driver normally without modifying it then do the mentioned steps.
  3. nope. all i know is that someone on Linus' vid commented that he has a gtx1060 which has a broken video output so he used a gt720 or something as the video output and the gtx 1060 as the rendering gpu in Nvidia's control panel. so it's possible but not with the mining gpus, Nvida made sure of that just like they stopped us for using the newer drivers versions.
  4. because your CPU doesn't support pcie x16
  5. Make sure you are in fullscreen mode
  6. Read the thread I think someone tried to and it worked but he had a problem, can't remember which CPU and what problem he had tho.
  7. Yes, I know. I meant with the Nvidia panel
  8. I guess it can't work on win 7 then
  9. Doesn't matter how it would look like. I have an issue with my gpu (p106) that I am using it for gaming. if a game uses a sort of an exclusive full-screen function for some reason my refresh rate drops below 60 but when I get a windows notification or when I pin the performance panel over the game the refresh rate issue is fixed. running the game in borderless fixed the refresh rate issue but the performance becomes way worst. So by resizing a panel to be really small, I can pin it and it won't take much of the screen. (I don't have this issue with all games just some)
  10. I know I can hide the title, I am looking to resize the whole panel to be smaller. And yes, I couldn't find anything on it.
  11. Hello, I am looking for a way to modify the size of Game Bar's panels size as shown in the screenshot below. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.