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  1. I found this "Accelerator card" that has some pretty interesting implications.. it is basically two computers in a PCI card and they market it as a nas, which it technically is, but isn't at the same time. It looks really cool. It would be awesome to see it doing the transcode, stream pc or capture functionality. It is basically a virtual machine card, but it uses actual hardware. Virtualization anyone? It could also be used for emulation or steam streaming. Maybe a hackintosh or a game server. Maybe find a way to pass PCI lanes through and make one of them a dedicated firewall, or have a single server handle multiple endpoints In such a way that it can provide remote applications to the host, offloading other tasks for better multitasking? Maybe have windows 7 or XP on one with full fat hardware for older games? I want to see if it is worth the price tag.. has anyone used one of these before? https://www.qnap.com/en-us/product/mustang-200