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  1. fingerjcp

    Good Video Editing Laptops

    I'd save a bit more and get a XPS 9570 with the 6 core i7... it's around 1300£... you could even find one with refurbished pakaging on ebay for 1050£... Its sleek thin and very powerful...
  2. Thermals are the biggest problem I think, hence there is no great difference between the XPS 15 i7 7850h or the i9 8950HK or even the Lenovo X1 Extremes i7 8850h.... at least for CPU intensive photo/video editing I found that the difference is minimal and varies even more between manufacturers (Dell, Apple or Lenovo) than the actual CPUs...
  3. fingerjcp

    Dell XPS 15 gaming issues

    I have a 9570 and I think it throttles when unplugged from wall power so when on battery I also get 30 Fps.... this also was coherent with the CPU throttling when on battery I had a 1020 cinebench score and surprisingly on wall power a score or 1205...