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  1. Its near the CPU, Its powered by its own PSU, and it works on other nVidia cards.
  2. NGFF which is PCIE 4X unlike Thunderbolt which can be 2X or 4X I think
  3. No enclosure just pure re-wireing adapters Acer Aspire 5 A515-51g
  4. Im sorry but you can see the title EDIT: I apologize sincerely
  5. Oh my god its obvious that if I dont turn the PSU the laptop will just work without the Video Card because it doesnt work without electricity does it?
  6. I actually just read about it and the problem is that the PC boots with the 8500gt and then when I swap it the rx480 gets code 12, and no I have tried it on another ngff slot on a pc and it works, 4 PCIE lanes are enough for a 1050ti or a rx480. Even the flipping 1050ti doesnt have ALL of the pcie pins on the bottom.
  7. I have tried it with my 600W V3 CM PSU and its the same but I just remembered that I can hotplug the Video Card and when I do that in Device Manager it says that "The device doesnt have enough recourses"
  8. The fans spin for a while but stop after 10 secs or so after power on
  9. Cooler Master 500W, and yes I am powering it correctly.
  10. So, I have a laptop with a decent CPU for gaming and I bought a NGFF to PCIE adapter. Its just re-wireing, no active components. Tried with my 1050Ti got a black screen and the laptop doesn't seem to boot. Got my old 8500GT and it worked like a PC, same with my 560Ti and a r7 270. Bought a 1070 Strix, same black screen so I sold it. I just bought an RX480 with the idea that Acer (my laptop make) didnt purge the AMD cards, guess what. Black Screen when I turn on the laptop, usb devices dont work its just a really fast fan and nothing else. Is it a whitelisted ngff slot? Because Ill set myself on fire and go Doomguy on these corporate monkeys that sell me a product only partially. EDIT: I dont care if I brick a card, should I just change hardwareID from the rx480's bios or what?
  11. I need to buy an 8gb module, I have 4gb soldered on the motherboard of the laptop The one I wanna buy has 16-16-16-39 timings and the soldered one has 17-17-17-39 timings and both are 2400mhz. And what do you know about Corsair Value Select? Thank you!
  12. Any way do disable soldered RAM? If I remove it physically? Software? (X) Doubt No BIOS as mentioned.
  13. This mobo doesn't sport a CMOS battery but the laptop has a hole in the bottom for a BIOS reset. No it doesn't help I think its an EEPROM chip.
  14. I have an Acer Aspire 5 515-51G I bought it and after repasting I tried to enter BIOS. Try to figure out how that turned out. Half an year later I still can't access my BIOS. Tried BIOSPW.ORG, can't even get the laptop name right MOBO: KBL CHARMANDER-KL Bios InsydeCorp (no info on the internet about BIOS passwords) v1.21 Thank you!
  15. I have an Acer Aspire 5 i7-8550U 4GB Soldered + 4GB on a stick 2400MHZ So 2 questions Overclocking laptop RAM through software possible? OR If I buy a 3200mhz stick will it downclock to 2400mhz? BIOS Locked from factory. Thank you! (Also please don't question "WHY?")
  16. i think I heard it either from LTT or GN but im not sure
  17. Alcohol vaporizes really fast so you dont need to wait for the water on the cpu to vaporize and also it kills bacteria that would be bad for even spread across the IHC. Or take note from Radeon VII and use a thermal pad kappa.