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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to help my brother decide on what laptop he should get for university. Looking to spend £400-£500, but there doesn't seem to be a massive amount of choice in this area. He only needs it for uni work - word docs, internet browsing, watching youtube etc. but it needs to be portable (13-14" size") and have a decent batter life. There are a quite few pentium/i3 laptops in this price range but I wonder whether they are really any good, espeiclly as they only usually have 4GB RAM, and given that he will be using this for a atleast the next 3 years it needs to be as "future proof" as it can be Any suggestions would be greatly appeciated LS
  2. DefenderDC100

    PC Upgrade

    Those are a little more than I want to spend, as I don't really want to go over £250. Its not urgent that I get a GPU now so I guess I can wait to see what zen2 and Navi can offer
  3. DefenderDC100

    PC Upgrade

    My overall budget for upgrade is around £600, i'm hoping to keep my PSU to save some money. I live in the UK so PC components tend to me mor expensive I was only looking to spend a max of £250 on a new GPU, given that I need to get a processor, motherboard and RAM as well. The cheapest Vega 56 I can get here is around £260.
  4. DefenderDC100

    PC Upgrade

    Hi all, I am going to be upgrading my PC this year, but due to limited funds I am going to be spreading th cost out by buying components over a few months. Current PC specs: Intel® Core i5 Quad Core Processor i5-4690 (3.5GHz) 6MB Cache ASUS® Z97-A: ATX 8 GB KINGSTON HYPER-X FURY DUAL-DDR3 1600MHz 4GB GTX 960 CORSAIR 650W CS SERIES™ MODULAR 80 PLUS® GOLD, ULTRA QUIET In terms of processor I am going to wait until Ryzen 3000 series processors are announced, either to get one of get a 2000 series if the cost goes down. I am thinking of upgrading the GPU first as this is really due for an update. I'm looking at either GTX 1660 or 1660ti. I have seen the Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB for £200, but I have also found a deal on the Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Mini 8GB for only £230, is it worth the extra £30, or would I be better off looking for a deal on a 1660ti?
  5. DefenderDC100

    Upgrading Router

    Hi all, I currently use a BT home hub 5 which hasn't had a firmware update since 2018, and despite BT assuring me it will automatically update, it has not, so I'm looking to get a new router. I'm looking to get a VDSL/ADSL router & modem combination and was wodnering if people had any recommendations of what to upgrade to? I've been looking at the Smart Hub (1) or the TP-LINK AC1600 but I'm new to this stuff so would appreciate some advice
  6. DefenderDC100

    Is it worth upgrading my router?

    Yeah this is what I'm thinking now, especially as I've since found out that the firmware on the router hasn't updated since April 2018, and there is no way to manually update it
  7. DefenderDC100

    Is it worth upgrading my router?

    I live in the UK and have been using a BT Home Hub 5 (Modem & router combo) for atleast 6 years now. I recently tried to utilise it's USB port to connect a flash drive to act as a network storage device, but ran into a problem. Windows doesn't support SMBv1 anymore due to security issues, and this router doesn't support SMBv2/3. What is the best solution to this? Is it just worth uprgading my router, given that a newer one will also have better speeds & coverage as well as improved security? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
  8. DefenderDC100

    Build New or Upgrade?

    Probably a different one, It's been a pretty good CPU but just not up to the task of modern games
  9. DefenderDC100

    Build New or Upgrade?

    Yeah thats the sort of thing that I was thinking of for a new build. How does the Radeon RX 580 compare to something like a gtx 1060? I might just be being old fashioned but I've never strayed for an AMD CPU Also, might be a stupid question but when switching storage between builds do I need to wipe the SSD cos it will have drivers for old GPU, CPU etc. on it, or does it not matter?
  10. DefenderDC100

    Build New or Upgrade?

    So I have had my PC for around 5 years now and its starting to lag behind in games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and AC Origins. I am torn between upgrading my current set up or building a new one Current Set Up: Case: InWIN GT1 BLACK Motherboard: ASUS® Z97-A: ATX, USB3.0, SATA 6GB/S, SLi, XFIRE CPU: Intel® Core™i5 Quad Core Processor i5-4690 (3.5GHz) 6MB Cache Cooler: Super Quiet 22dBA Triple Copper Heatpipe RAM: 8GB KINGSTON HYPER-X FURY DUAL-DDR3 1600MHz (1 x 8GB) GPU: 4GB Gigabyte GTX 960 Storage: Sandisk 240GB SATA SSD; 1TB WD CAVIAR BLACK HDD PSU: CORSAIR 650W CS SERIES MODULAR 80+ GOLD My budget for upgrading would be around £300. Would it be worth spending this on it or would I just have to be building a new one in a year or so anyway? If I were to be building a new PC I would be prepared to invest around £700, and it would preferably be a micro ATX form factor at the biggest as I am a student and move around every few months so (in this case atleast) smaller would be better. Please can you let me know any suggestions you have, LS