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  1. Backstretch

    Games crashing

    reinstalling adrenalin is easy enough but how do i reinstall directx?
  2. Backstretch

    Games crashing

    i can absolutely do this but it'll take a full day to test, and i kinda don't want to see if it'll work, since according to AMD my rated boost is 4.1, and only getting 3.9 would piss me off.
  3. Backstretch

    Games crashing

    Recently my games have been crashing. Battlefield 5, COD4, and now Apex Legends. Being as how it's across multiple games i figured it wasn't their fault. I'm really at a loss here. I don't know what else to do as my trouble shooting experience isn't really seasoned. The games crash after an hour or more of playing, and i'm checking HWinfo after they crash for the numbers. Zero thermal throttling on anything. The games freeze, crash, and send me back to the desktop packing. Most of the time there's no reason or popup given,sometimes there is (see pics). Please let me know what to try. This problem is getting annoying. OS -Windows 10 64 bit only Windows 10 ever on the system, not activated cause fuck that. Most of the hardware was bought in November. Upgraded the CPU within the last 2 weeks. I have re-installed the OS one time, because enmotus royally screwed my StoreMI and corrupted my single bootable drive, so I had to start over. Don't use the service anymore. CPU - Ryzen 5 2600X OC to 4.2ghz@1.45v cooled by Corsair H110i. I have never seen anything higher than 72C on it. And that was after hours of small data sets with OCCT. It never gets above 60C when gaming. GPU - Powercolor RX580 Red Devil golden sample running at stock. Never gets above 75C when gaming due to my fan profile. On Adrenalin 19.2.1. Mobo - Msi B450M Mortar on BIOS 1.2. PSU - Corsair CX650M. RAM - G Skill TridentZ RGB 16gb @3000mhz Storage - Kingston 240gb Ssd (boot) and WD 1tb for games. Case - Fractal Design Meshify C.
  4. Yes i just ran cinebench and was pegged at just under 4.1ghz. 1.41V across the board. So what youre saying is PBO2 and the voltages/ clocks its pushing arent going to hurt anything?
  5. Thank you for the recommendation. Now i get to learn a new monitoring program lol. I tried looking for it and I don't think i have it. I'm also on the latest BIOS. But MSI has been known to have generally crap BIOS compared to other brands. 1.5V to the CPU isn't gonna hurt anything??
  6. Problem is if i manually overclock i can't seem to peg 4.1 or 4.2 ghz stable without going between 1.4 and 1.45 V.... I really don't want to fry this chip. I can clearly cool the processor, so i'm not gonna TJ Max anytime soon, but will pushing that much voltage long term into this thing destroy it? I use my computer everyday just to surf the web and play video games.
  7. Edit : I'm cooling the processor with a Corsair H110i AIO. after a 7 hour session with OCCT small data sets, it never got above 69 Degrees, so thermals are not a problem. Also, these numbers are from surfing Youtube, not gaming.
  8. Just got my 2600x in last week, i'm very pleased with the performance gain coming from a 2400g. However. This feature is losing it's goddamn mind pushing these numbers (see picture). I can overclock decently, i know how to, but I bought the X version because i didn't want to. I know the basics of PBO and XFR and to expect some higher than normal numbers, but jesus christ this is ridiculous. Kind of at an impasse here. I don't want to manually overclock cause i would have wasted my money, but i fear for my processor's poor life right now. Any suggestions? Ryzen 5 2600X Msi B450M Mortar Powercolor RX 580 G skill TridentZ 16gb 3000mhz Kingston SSD