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  1. Im running a modded minecraft server and it keeps crashing everyday and I dont understand what half of it means if someone could help that would be great. The crash log will be posted below Thanks
  2. It has a Intel i7 9750H and gtx 1650 and 16gb of ram
  3. Travelling and working on the road l. I have a pretty good desktop at home
  4. I’m looking at getting a new gaming laptop. is the MSI Thin GF75 9SC-052CA 17.3-inch Notebook good or any good recommendations on other ones. Under $2000 preferably. Gaming laptop also. thanks
  5. I have a dell power edge R610 that I wanna use for nas and game server duty using unraid
  6. Can you use consumer ssd in a server environment
  7. So what can a guy use for hosting game servers?
  8. Ok now I’m lost what is the difference between a blade server and regular server?
  9. Does this not have a chassis on it?
  10. I was wondering if using a used blade server off eBay would be a good choice for game server hosting.
  11. modded minecraft (100-150 mods), GTA V, ARK Survival evolved tropico 6, farming sim 19
  12. what is the best price to performance gaming laptop out there?