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  1. So I recently upgraded my PC, it had had any issues then but as of a week ago I've been getting weird things going on. The first thing to happen was after booting up my system would run fine for 5ish minutes then lock up for five then be fine for the rest if the day. Now however I've been encountering were it doesn't unlock and as of just today it has been 'pausing' every 30 seconds or so. I haven't gotten any Bsod from it and I can't see any errors showing up in event viewer. Temps and usage precentages are normal and all my programs seem to be running fine? Any help you fine people could provide would be a godsend. RN I'm reseating all my components and going to be reinstalling windows and then if none of that helps possibly a antivirus boot scan. Thanks!
  2. Rose_DCLXVI

    Micro USB 3.0 External HDD to SATA?

    Well damn. Hopefully some other eagle eyed pal can find something useful...
  3. Rose_DCLXVI

    Micro USB 3.0 External HDD to SATA?

    No dice famaquad it's micro b on the drive.
  4. So, I have a spare external hard drive that I don't use for anything other then a backup and id like to have it inside my tower so it isn't taking up a USB port. Does anybody know of a micro b 3.0 male to sata & power adapter? Other ideas are welcome but it seems like for now I'm going to have to just keep it a a USB drive.