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  1. https://www.amazon.com/CORSAIR-HYDRO-Liquid-Cooler-Radiator/dp/B00A0HZMGA Its the cooler im currently using
  2. Hello i wanted to squeese out a little bit more performance out of my i7 4790K but i am pretty new to the overlocking stuff. I have a picture of my current oc settings from Intel's tuning program. My idle temps are around 40-50. I was wondering if anyone who is familliar with overclocking could help me out.
  3. okay thanks for the help i really appreciate it
  4. The tempreture varies here in my room but now since its summer it can go from 20C to 27 often highest is like 30C but thats rare
  5. no i have nothing on in the background
  6. okay thanks im gonna try to replace the thermal paste first to see if the temps are getting better
  7. So the temps are safe? i've heard that idle temps arounnd 40+ isnt really good so i was wondering if u should get a new one. most people have temps around 20-35 C
  8. not really as long as it will bring my temps down and not over my budget i got a pretty big case so space shouldnt be a problem
  9. Im wondering since i got an i7 4790K and using XMP and my cpu idle temp around 42-47 C and when im playing games its around 70 C. My cooler is "Corsair Hydro HS60 2012 edition" i think that my idle temps are quite high is there any other good coolers i can get for lower temps. My budget is around 70-80$. Thanks!
  10. Thanks guys this really helped me. Im gonna try to get those extra fps.
  11. Here is a picture of my settings while playing fortnite on low settings So these settings are completly fine? Cause im kinda on a budget and dont wanna buy another gpu cause of a bad oc xd
  12. So was my settings ok or were they borderline bad for my gpu? And should i have my fan speed on 80% 24/7
  13. Hello im new to overclocking so i dont know a lot. What about overclocking is reducing the life span of a graphics card? Is it the higher power limit? Higer core/memory clock? Higher core voltage? Can someone explain to me please. Cause im not sure if i should overclock my asus dual 1060 3gb. i have tried and i got 140+ on the core and 360 on memory, and power limit to 116.And i has worked perfectly fine under stress. I have now removed those settings cause i've read that overclocking reduces the life span of a GPU.
  14. Okay guys thanks for all the help. I really appreciate the help. Now i know its safe to enable XMP Thanks!
  15. So XMP wont damage any other components?