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  1. Long story short. I like working on damaged hardware for the fun of it and sometimes, if I'm able to do it, repair them, but I've noticed that my dad old toolbox doesn't have what it takes for small works like these, since he worked more on big things (engines, water pumps and such) I am looking to get a multi-bit screwdriver set and had my eye on the iFixit Pro but it seems kind of expensive (I know about the good quality of iFixit) but also, wanted to know about other more "budget" alternatives that could rival or worked just fine that contains prying tools and such.
  2. Hello guys. My PC is built as follows: MSI B450M Bazooka Ryzen 5 2400G Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 Mhz 16Gb (2X8) Rosewill Arc 550W 80+Bronze I was looking at the RAM timings on the corsair website, and noticed that they are exactly the same as the ones selected automatically by the A-XMP profile 2 on my motherboard, EXCEPT the voltage, which is set to auto at 1.328V meanwhile the corsair website advertises (or suggest) 1.35V. I haven't had any crashes or issues. I play OW, Apex, CS:GO, etc and I never had any issues or crashes. I was wondering if I should raise the voltage (since I've never done a stress test) or keep it as it is, since I never had any issues? What could be the problems that can happen?
  3. So... If you are aware of the situation in my country (Venezuela) we just spent 4 days without electrical power (in my state, some still don't have it) I have a cheap samsung power bank, a great knock-off IMO, but I guess that, if a similar issue happens again, I'll need more than one to get by. If anyone has a recomendation for a power bank with 20.000mAh or more at a decent price and with good reputation, I'm all ears.
  4. Hello guys, I currently use a Rosewill Tyrfing case, it has slots for 2 fans on the front, 1 fan in the back and 3 fans at the top, all at 120mm, I was wondering what would be the best configuration (which fans pulling air in and which fans pulling air out). At first I though using the 3 fans at the top as exhaust. But honestly I'm not 100% sure. Since I have place for 6 fans, I though about going for a neutral pressure.
  5. I want to try and get some "good quality" and decent price combo for a Mechanical keyboard: - Full size, since I actually use the num-pad. - No nit-picking here, I don't care about macros that much. RGB is optional. Wrist rest optional, since my deks doesn't have much room. Mouse: - Extra programmable buttons (since I noticed a lot of games are throwing actions and pings that can be bind to those extra buttons for easier use) In terms of budget... I just want to hear your suggestions and ideas. I would say between 40-50 for the Keyboard (can flex a bit) and I don't really know the prices for mice.
  6. Yes this was it. I checked the outlet, fixed everything that seemed out of place and when I plugged everything back in, no charge at all.
  7. Hello everyone. 1 month ago I put together my first PC, but realized that I get shocked when I touch the USB ports on the front (or any discovered metal part), it also happens with my USB mic. I tried to check everything... All the stand-off are put correctly and no part of the MoBo (behind it) is touching the case. Anyone can tell me a troubleshooting guide or what info do you need?
  8. - The video was about 2 scientists who where friends - One of them builds a robot-woman (has sex with her and I think they even "have kids") - The other scientist kills him (or the robot-woman) - (If he destroys the Robot-woman) The other scientist commits suicide - The remaining scientist tries to build a rocket to go to the moon to be with his friend again and dies while in space
  9. I'm battling between getting an MSI GTX 1660 Ti (Ventus, 279.99$) or a ZOTAC GYX 1660 Ti (non-amp, 279.99$) The ZOTAC has a higher clock (barely) but I don't really know what brand to put my trust in... I've heard people that in terms of GPUs ZOTAC has a better price-performance relation... What do you think?
  10. MSI B450M Bazooka Ryzen 5 2400G 2x8 Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 Mhz
  11. Right now I have a Rosewill Arc 550W 80+ Bronze, and I wanted to get an RX590 Sapphite Nitro+. As you can see on their amazon page, this is their total power tag I am worried about the 495W oh the +12V rail. Should I get a 650W PSU or will this work fine? I'm kind of short on money for a new PSU and this one is fairly new, 1 month and a half maybe.