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  1. Would building a custom enclosure be another potentially reasonable approach that would not require to maim the hardware? Some wood, noise insulating foam inside panels, zip ties kind of a thing... Provided sufficient air intake and exhaust routed through the "rack", I suspect it might work.
  2. I have 2x EMC 1U servers with S2600GL Intel board, each 2x Xeon E5-2640 (LGA2011). Each server has 6 chassis fans + 1 PSU fan. The chassis fans are connected using what seems like a proprietary 10-pin header on the mobo. The issue is that noise from these machines is completely unbearable. Think, apartment building, thin walls, the works. Hiding the machines somewhere is not an option - no really appropriate spaces for that. The only way out I see is tone down the noise. What would you suggest be my options realistically? Is there any CPU cooling solutions that could handle the heat AND fit in the 1U chassis, and bring the boxes down to near-desktop like noise levels? Is water-cooling the only viable option here?
  3. No mention of ElementaryOS? I am disappointed, @RILEYISMYNAME https://elementary.io
  4. No issue whatsoever doing that, as long as you mentally keep those languages boxed and don't force one to work like the other one. But I don't see why not.
  5. So the autocomplete does not work for any project or just that specific one? 1. Try "restart and clear caches" menu item. 2. Are you happen to have entered power save mode in IntelliJ somehow? Try see if that's enabled. Power save basically disables all heavy functions. Including autocomplete.
  6. Addvilz

    TV Series

    All aboveplus Sanctuary Expanse Killjoys Dark Matter Farscape Warehouse 13 Defiance Orville Firefly Terra Nova Fringe ... to name a few
  7. + glances (find it in pypi) and lm-sensors for sensor data. Not sure what you are trying to do though.
  8. It is not possible. No, yes, I know, but still no - it is not possible. And the reason for that is, there is no "original text behind there". Images do not work this way. Whatever was there was replaced with the black blocks and that's the end of it.
  9. This is what you are looking for: public class Ring { // This is a field of Ring object private final double radius; // This is a contstructor public Ring(final double radius) { this.radius = radius; } // This is a method. Note the 'double' return type. public double getRadius() { return this.radius; } // This is also a method. Note the 'return' keyword. public double computeCir() { return 2 * Math.PI * this.radius; } } Watch for typos. Method names and variable names must match between definition and access. Java does not allow nested method definitions. To avoid confusion, I recommend referring to instance variables (fields) with "this." prefix. Things that are not supposed to mutate should be marked immutable explicitly using 'final' keyword. Methods must have return types. Your code sample was using void in places. Void means "returns nothing". Return keyword is mandatory in Java. Also, try to write code incrementally while learning and avoid copy pasting - write small chunks, test if it works, repeat. Otherwise you end up with several unrelated issues that might be confusing to fix. Working example: https://repl.it/repls/FatherlyFairAggregators
  10. No, you really don't. All text editors with syntax highlighting support C/C++. It's just text. Just pick one that is most comfortable for you to use. And if you are seriously committed to this, you should eventually try CLion. It's not free, but it is damn well worth it.
  11. Wild guess? I would expect 10-15% increase or more. And I was only partially joking about those zip ties. Set up some kind of test in a cardboard box and test the airflow and temps. That's the only (realistic) way to tell.
  12. It is unlikely to give you any measurable benefit, and in fact, could have negative effect - air is generally pushed on to and through heat sinks as it generates more turbulence and air pressure, and thus, improves heat transfer. Pulling the air through the heat sink has the opposite effect entirely, and given that the air will travel path of least resistance, it will bypass parts of the heat sink entirely. It really depends on the heat sink design however, but this applies as a general rule. That's what we have zip ties for.
  13. I am certain that dimming is certainly going to help, but it will not entirely prevent the issue. I mean, given the use case, that poor tablet is going to be screen-on for hours and hours, days and days. Something to look out for, but probably not exactly a blocking issue for a device that's supposed to be used only for that purpose.
  14. Let me guess, you are trying to write a desktop application, right? To do things in Java, you only need two things: IntelliJ - fetch the community version from Jetbrains JDK - fetch OpenJ9 from https://adoptopenjdk.net From there on, create new project (whatever kind you want), point the JDK setting of IntelliJ to Openj9 installation and that should be it. It might be also that your code is somehow broken. Without source of what you are actually doing it's kind of hard to tell what exactly broke there.