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  1. thanks for the quick response dude, yeah, i definetly need an upgrade, but this is what i got now, until i get the x58 board and the xeon x3470. i dont need anything fancy tho as i only play dota. i can almost run it at ultra settings at 60 fps, but im at 45-50 something, so i thought i could squeeze a few more. il try the bios defaults tho. i was terrified that i screwed it up because after setting the jumper it literally gave me half the fps in dota. even after removing the cmos battery it didnt go back to stock. but somehow removing 1 stick of ram and resetting the bios did?
  2. im new to pc building, i managed to build my setup at around $100. i want to overclock my cpu, its a core 2 quad q8400 paired with asrock g41c-gs and 8gb ddr3 1333 ram. there is no core voltage option in my mb only fsb speed and pcie . without understanding what i did i just incrementally increased the fsb until i got 360 and 105 on the pcie ,i got 2.87 ghz . is there anyway to increase this? if i change the pcie back to 100 the screen is just black, and if i even increase the fsb by 1 point the same happens. in the bios however it did state that before you use ddr3 memory pls use the jumper settings 2-3 instead of 1-2. and i i did that, only what happened is that my cpu benches got halved, and in task manager only read 2.66ghz the stock speed, but in cpu z read 2.88. is there anything im missing here? i mean the cpu is 1333 fsb and my ram is 1333, and if there would be any difference in overclocking if the jumper setting was placed on 2-3?. i also get a flash on my screen on boot that cmos settings wrong when i place the jumper. any input, pls. i dont have access to ebay or amazon as im in asia so i cant order specific things.
  3. UltraVires

    scrapheap build

    first build done, just put together what i could find. thank you to the guys who helped me with the software issues from this forum.
  4. UltraVires

    windows 10 installation troubles

    holy shite, im actually a dumb f***. i wondered i kept getting prompted back to installation screen in windows, IT WAS because i forgot to set the boot drive back to the hard drive after installation, so i got 4 windows10 installed and a w7 on my drive because i kept reinstalling using the usb as the boot drive. i am so sorry to waste your time, thank you for your suggestions, i bet that diskpart clean would have solved the issue .
  5. UltraVires

    windows 10 installation troubles

    hey guys a non tech dude here asking for advice, i recently just built my first pc out of used components, i have an old hard drive with windows 7 installed. powering it on for the 1st time, cant access w7 getting startup repair errors. got a usb drive w10, installed it, no key ofc, now i cant get to w10, i can access the cmd prompt, tried the videos on youtube about bootrec/fixboot but im getting acces is denied error, tried the rename volume fix did not work for me. has anyone encountered this and can you gimme some direction. i dont have another pc, i do have a laptop to work with, i have ubuntu on another usb and windows 8 already downloaded.
  6. UltraVires

    need help with windows 7 installation using a bootable usb.

    this is what im getting when i try to do it via mbr
  7. UltraVires

    need help with windows 7 installation using a bootable usb.

    in rufus 3.4 if i dont touch any settings it goes through and creates the bootable usb, however if i change the partition scheme to mbr, and file system to ntfs, it cant go through it will prompt windows explorer is using this device, or an undetermined formatting error has occured
  8. UltraVires

    need help with windows 7 installation using a bootable usb.

    im also trying the WUDT for windows 7 and it always wont go through on step 3 or 4 , it tells me that another program is using the usb or we are unable to copy your files please check the iso file and your device
  9. UltraVires

    need help with windows 7 installation using a bootable usb.

    thanks for the speedy replies guys, yeah rufus is a bit confusing, i cant see the add fixes for old bioses in the advanced properties. ive tried enabling and disabling legacy usb support. if i select mbr it will only allow me to go ntfs.
  10. cpu core 2 quad q8400 mobo asrock g41c-gs ram ddr3 4gb 1333 psu korean 500watt hdd maxtor 250gb gpu 750ti 1gb i just built this scrapheap from used pc parts, and i cant boot from a 4gb kingston flashdrive. i downloaded 64bit windows7 iso and i used rufus 3.4 and poweriso to make it bootable , but both times when i boot from the usb from the bios it just gets stuck in a black screen with a blinking cursor. if i dont use the bootable usb, i get an error saying that windows cannot repair this computer automagically, the hdd is mine i know i had windows 7 there 5 years ago. i have no access to a dvd/cd drive , any suggestions will surely help.
  11. i got my shit down to around 99gbs 365 free out of 464gb. i think the 120 or 111gb in realistic numbers, would be enough now thanks
  12. hmm thanks for the link, alright and after installing windows 10 should i just go to the bios and change the boot preferences to the new ssd? do i need to delete the old os files from my hard drive?
  13. Help! i got a laptop with 500gb 5400rpm . i found out i got an m 2 slot therein. so i bought a 120gb ssd. i only have 1 partition in my hard drive 300gb used out of the 500gb. what programs do you recommend or how do i move/migrate only windows 10 and dota2 to the ssd. and just keep the hard drive for the rest. i dont want to reinstall windows 10 coz i dont know how to. tldr: 120gb ssd, 500gb hard drive with 300gb used.want to move os and a game to ssd. Thank you !
  14. UltraVires

    help! is this a mini pcie slot? i plan to buy an egpu.

    thank you for taking the time to answer. so.if i can get me one of those m.2 to pcie i can just put on a low profile gpu huh. my laptop is an acer i3 6006u 2.0ghz with 8gbs at 2133. and just cut a hole along the side
  15. ive no experience in tech, i just want to know if i can upgrade my laptop. i dont have the money to buy a pc, but i have enough to buy a used graphics card and the beast .help pl3ase