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  1. I'm currently migrating servers and I forgot to get a certain file from the previous server. The domain name now points to a different server and I don't know the ip with the correct port to connect to the previous one I am also unable to get this information at the moment from the person who administers the server. The server is running multiple websites and the port 80 leads me to a different site than I need. Is there a way to connect to the website my domain used to point to if I know the ip and own the domain name?
  2. Not too helpful. I couldn't find anything similar if you know of anything better I'd be more than happy to try it out.
  3. So I've been using hamachi for quite a while now and this has never happened to me. I haven't changed anything with the program and I got the Failed to connect to the adapter. error. I also figured out that the adapter is missing completely. When I reinstall hamachi the adapter doesn't get installed along with the program and when I try to install the adapter manually I get this error: http://prntscr.com/mp5gb3 I use win8.1
  4. That's not it. All the file sizes in my disk cleanup add up to not more than 150MB but thanks for your entry
  5. Windows wouldn't take up almost 120GB of storage right? I don't install almost anything to that directory what could be taking up all that space?
  6. I have my operating system on a 120GB SSD and a message popped up telling me the disk is almost full. I went through all my files to see what I could delete to make some space but there wasn't much I could get rid of. When I select all the folders and click "properties" it says all the files take up 70gigs which would imply that I have a 50GB reserve but I don't. How does this work?