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  1. After a lot of troubleshooting, I had to go in an manually reinstall the drivers for my bluetooth adapter.
  2. A few years back I bought the House of Marley Liberate XLBT bluetooth headphones. They work perfectly life with my phone, they connect and play music exactly like youd expect them to. However, when I connect them to my PC they don't work correctly. In playback devices it's listed twice: Headset (hands free) and Headset (stereo). Sound only comes when it's in hands free. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
  3. i'd love to upgrade the case as well, but the cpu, mobo, and ram is gonna cost me $280, and i don't really want to throw on another $50 if i can help it Especially if that cheap case isn't one that i actually like.
  4. Its an Optiplex 790, midsize tower case.
  5. I upgraded the PSU along with the gpu. Didn't realize i would have to get a new case though..
  6. I've been using an old Optiplex with a graphics card tossed inside for several months now. It's got an i5-2400, can't overclock it, and photoshop has been CHUGGING lately. I don't think that has anything to do with my gpu, it's a GTX 1060 3gb. I've been looking into buying an 15-9400F, and a new mobo and ddr4 ram to go with it. Is this a good idea?
  7. Look, your idea is good and I like it. But I wanted to be able to change things on the fly even if i'm not at school, or not at work at the moment - aka unable to get access to the shared network drive. No one else is going to change these, so it's all on me, and I want to be able to do it right away if I realize there's been a mistake
  8. Can't access the network folder from my personal laptop or phone. I'll be honest, I've been working on this all week, and I do have a tendency to overlook the easiest solutions. So, you might be right with the network folder. But I might also be a pick little shit who wants everything perfectly handed to me
  9. My favorite idea so far is using a chromecast, keeping it on ambient mode, and adding/removing pictures from a google photos album depending on which events are coming or have passed. The biggest problem with this is that It's going in a cafeteria...with college students...and you KNOW they're going to cast stupid videos to the tv. The only way around this problem (that i know of) is having the school set up a whole new wifi network JUST for the chromecast, and I'm not sure if they're gonna do that.
  10. This isn't a /bad/ suggestion. The only problem with it is that there's not an easy way to change which files are being shown without going in every time there's a change and fixing all the settings again. Still less work than we're currently doing
  11. It's my job to make the ads for the events, and advertise on instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. Our marketing/design department is more focused on out of school advertisements like billboards and tv ads and whatnot (which im fine with, since that gives me a job, lmao)
  12. I work for a moderately small university, and we have a TV in our cafeteria that shows upcoming events and other things we're trying to advertise. Currently, it's a nightmare to update it with new information. We have to first make the ads in photoshop, save them as a PNG, import those images to power point, make sure the slides are in order, render the powerpoint to an MP4, then repeat that process again for the same set of events minus the most recent event (so we don't have slides for old events showing). Does anyone here have any better solutions? I've brought up a couple solutions that require special hardware and subscription plans, but my boss isn't too keen on spending that much money. If anyone knows a better place to ask this, let me know that, too. This was the only place I could think to ask for help
  13. Please don't fight. You're tearing this family apart
  14. And this is probably going to be a pretty dumb question, but do i NEED to upgrade the power supply?