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  1. Leo brassenx

    cpu performing Way below expectations

    asus b350-f
  2. Leo brassenx

    cpu performing Way below expectations

    even after doing that it hasn't changed
  3. Leo brassenx

    cpu performing Way below expectations

    2 x 4 gb 2666 ballistix
  4. Hi, recently I had gotten an rtx 2060 to replace my rx 570 but didn't notice a major change in fps while playing my usual games. Because of this, I decided to see what was wrong which is where i saw that it said my cpu is "performing below average" in User benchmark even though I bought it new less than 4 months ago. I tried what they said could fix it and didn't find anything else about the subject. if someone can help that would be great thx.
  5. Leo brassenx

    Amd display drivers

    After buying my second rx 570 I was going to download the newest drivers after deleting the old ones to enable crossfire but they won’t download saying that there was a problem with no other context or explination, please help thx