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  1. Speakers and USB-pins are connected I've switched to my old Mobo and same thing happens IMG_7366.mov
  2. No such thing as debug LED's on this Mobo
  3. Hi I've recently bought a new Z270-p motherboard for my 6700K processor, and when I try to turn on my computer the fans spin up for a short while and then nothing happens, it just cuts off again. Need some help IMG_7362.MOV
  4. Thanks guys Dark Rock Pro it is
  5. Hi guys, galls and otherkins I'm in the process of planning an upgrade of my computer for once RTX3xxx and intel 109900k hits the market. Not because i really need it, but because my girlfriend needs a new hand-me-down computer - alt least that's what i've let her to believe But i was wondering whether or not i should stop being a Be Quiet fanboi and spring for a Noctua NH-D15 Chromax black, and hand my "old" Dark Rock 4 pro over to my girlfriend. So i was wondering if anyone who has any experience with running an NH-D15 would write a bit about their experience on a top tier intel platform, once it's been running for at few months. I'm Especially curious when it comes to noise, since my main goal is to have as silent a computer as possible. Which is why i've been fanboiing over Be Quiet for years now. So yeah Help a brother (and his girlfriend) out