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    18 year old guy from sweden that is intrested in electronics and playing games
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  1. oh i did not know that thats a shame but thanks man
  2. its suggested max turbo speed is 4.2ghz but my cpu never goes above 4.0ghz i have an Corsair H100i Platinum AIO cooler so cooling should not be the issue
  3. What kind of cards would be good to add if so
  4. I’m able to get that pc for £ 100 and we don’t play electricity bills in that sense where I live only pay an set amount every month
  5. Would the optiplex 790 be a good pc to use these are the specs (sorry for Swedish namings) CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 3,1Ghz RAM: 4 GB DDR3 Hårddisk: 250 GB SATA 7200 RPM Grafik: Intel HD Graphics 2000 Optisk: DVD+/-RW Anslutningar: USB 2.0: 10 st RJ-45: 1 st DisplayPort: 1 st VGA: 1 st Seriell: 1 st im going to use the server as an Plex server and possibly as a media server
  6. i just have an question would the adapter in the Picture support a blueray drive, or would it have to have some specific support for it
  7. I have this laptop Blu-ray player laying around from an old laptop that died and I was thinking that I could buy a casing for it I’m having problems finding a good casing that isn’t too expensive and i was wondering, does the casing have to support blue ray for it to be able to handle operating a blue ray disk or does it not matter
  8. i have tried before and it doesn't make much of a difference
  9. it is a specific software version to the provider but i am up to date on the update side. i was thinking it was some kind of interference to but before we got that router we where using a router with only 2,4ghz and that one didnt have any problems with like 20 devices so i dont see why it would be an issue now there are no problems with the range of the connection its just that its really bad no matter range. we have had about 3 units with all of them having the same issue currently there are about 3-5 devices connected. i dont own an android but the router has an built in analyzer our wifi is the (Walfenline 24ghz)
  10. since recently i updated my networking to 1000/1000 and by doing that we got a new router we plugged in that router and set up the 5ghz and 2.4ghz channels the 5ghz channel work perfectly fine and we are getting roughly about 500Mbps/500Mbps but on the 2.4ghz channel we get around 50Mbps/50Mbps for a minute and then after that we get anything around 10Mbps/10Mbps to 0Mbps/0Mbps and we have been talking to the internet provider and we have even gotten replacements for the router but all of them has had the exact same problems they have tried remote controlling the router and tried different things to fix it but non of them have been successful. the router we have should be a pretty good router the (Technicolor tg799vac xtream) i live in an apartment if that helps. i have tried everything but all this i do either dont work or work for around maybe maximum a day. the things ive tried are running the router on stock settings, changing the channels of the 2.4ghz line and resetting the router (fixes the problem temporally), having the 2,4ghz and 5ghz lines working together, i dont know what is the cause of this but if anyone knows what can be the problem let me know. id like to not use the 2.4ghz line but i sadly have devices that still use only that.
  11. the mac has 4 usb 3 port and thunderbolt and yes im not going to use it as an htpc im going to be using an lets say chrome cast in the living room streaming it and since i have port forwarding im going to be using it during trips yeah i know it has to have airflow but the mac mini has such a little footprint it will be easier to hide that then an old server or some old workstation. what i am thinking of doing with this pc is having it in my bedroom and have it host an plex server but also maybe use it as a htpc in the bedroom since i dont have any smart device hocked up to my tv there
  12. i want something small and cheap hence why im looking at the mac mini, the deal i found is 142 USD, and i was thinking on using external drives as storage for the plex server
  13. idk, how much you think it can do ?
  14. Would it be a good idea to buy a late 2012 Mac mini with an 2.5Ghz Intel i5 and run it as an home server Plex will be the main big use case