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  1. hi guys, i tested it in my laptop and works ok, but I wanted to see if it fits a desktop.. so you think that it could work with a ryzen cpu without integrated gpu (ie r7 1700x)? i have an older GPU (gtx550) which I could use as output source. (still finishing ryzen build so cant test yet)
  2. Hi! I've setup a p106 as part of a eGPU (Beast) that I'm using mainly for 3D graphics design (vray and lumion) and it works well. I did give a try on some gaming (forza horizon 3) and framerate is terrible (<10 fps)... I was wondering if it could be the pcie 1.1 x1 bus bottleneck, but it looks like ~90% tops on GPU-Z. Any advice on what I should check? any tool to monitor pcie bus more closely? I'm using a UX-32VD Asus laptop with gen3 core i7 and 10GB of RAM. Independently of the case, it would be nice if someone could unlock this limitation on p106 tks!
  3. yes that is kind of strange but indeed on the gpu-z prints I have seen so far all shows pcie 1.1 but if you look seems some versions are 3.0 (nvidia en evga imlementations). I'm getting one for rendering purposes, but I was also thinking about trying to set it up as egpu. Didn't see any of such implementatino so far.
  4. Is is true that these cards are limited to PCIE 1.1?