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  1. Now since I’m committed to the DT990, I would like to buy a good amp. I would like an amp which can drive the DT990 ( 250 ohms ) and have a mic port ( I’m planning to buy a modMic ) Portability of size isn’t a concern since it will be on my PC. Any suggestions ?
  2. Man, thanks for the advice. I don't really care that much about sound quality to be honest. I need a comfortable pair, that has a nice sound stage for gaming... any idea what's more comfy ? the DT990 or the HE4XX ??
  3. I will definitely take the earbpads into consideration, thanks alot man !
  4. Your comment are hugly informtive, can’t thank you enough... i think I’ll go with thr 990 since i will use it for gaming exclusively and i have relatively quite environment, i have the bose qc35 for planes and such one last question, which version do i take ? How much impedence ?? my MOBO is asus z270e, it says it can drive upto 600 ohms ... whats your recommendation ? Appreciate it
  5. Very nice , i will look into it . Do you also recommed the DT990 ?? Or is your recommendation strictly to the 770 ? I don’t really know the difference
  6. Man, I still use them for EVERYTHING else other than gamin. However, I need a dedicated gaming headset to be using a cable, having a mic. + be comfy and every single one i try sucks compared to the Bose comfort. I've been hearing about the new cooler masters MH751/752 , they claim to be super comfy ... anyone tried them compared to the Bose ?
  7. Dear members, I have been using the Bose QC25 and QC35 for well over 3 years now, and I've never replaced them with another brand for one reason, and reason only... comfort. Those guys you can wear for literally tens of hours without any fatigue. One year ago I jumped on the PC master race wagon, i was looking for a comfy gaming headset. I've tried the following without any satisfaction really: 1. Logitech G633. 2. Hyper X cloud. 3. Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X. The Logitech G633 was really really aweful in terms of comfort. The other two were not that bad really, but not as good as the Bose, man ! The question now, any recommendation on a gaming headset ( any headset with a mic really ) that is as comfy as the bose qc25 and qc35 ?? thanks alot !