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  1. I don't really know TBH, I play games and a little photoshop and video-editing
  2. Hey! I was wondering, should I go for 32Gb of 3000Mhz RGB Trident Z RAM for 150Euro or 16Gb of 3600Mhz RAM for 120Euro?
  3. ForLocks

    Steam Sale

    Hi! I have exactly $20 to spend on Steam. Any game reccomendations?
  4. ForLocks

    New Monitor

    Hi! I was wondering of anyone knew of a 1440p 144hz G-Sync ( if not its fine) IPS monitor that's 27" or bigger? I have a budget of at most €400 ($450 US) PS I don't NEED HDR but it's a plus Thanks!
  5. ForLocks

    Best free VPN for Netflix

    I've tried it and it doesn't work for Netflix
  6. ForLocks

    Best free VPN for Netflix

    Sorry, I didn't know there was a Networking sub-forum
  7. ForLocks

    Best free VPN for Netflix

    Anyone know what the best free (no trial) VPN for Netflix is and is there one?
  8. ForLocks


    The stabilizers are still in
  9. ForLocks


    Still isn't on
  10. ForLocks


    Help! I removed the keycaps on my Razer Huntsman Elite yesterday to clean it and now I can't get the spacebar back on! Anyone know how to do it
  11. ForLocks

    Budget camera

    I have my dad's crappy old work phone so that's unfortunately a no-go
  12. ForLocks

    Budget camera

    Sorry I'm still relatively new and not sure if this is the right subforum for this. Hello, I'm looking to get into light video creation for YouTube/personal use. I have a tight budget of around $100 up to like $150) any ideas?
  13. ForLocks

    I5 9400f?

    My current CPU is Pentium G5400
  14. ForLocks

    I5 9400f?

    So I have want to upgrade my PC but I'm on a budget. I already have a B360 mobo and 8gb ddr4 2400mhz RAM. Is it worth upgrading to a Ryzen 3000 CPU and getting new mobo and faster RAM or will I stick with my 2400mhz RAM and b360 mobo and get an i5 9400f?