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  1. it comes from my headset and it only happens while in games
  2. Hello fellow Forum peoples. I Just bought a new PC (OMEN HP 875-0xxx) with an i5 8400, motherboard (hp manuf) 84FD brand AMI verision F.05 HyperX Fury DDR4 2666MHz 8x1 gb with an 1060 3gb from "Hewlett-packard" When i dubbleclick rmb there comes a dubble beep for some reason
  3. welp i dont even know what motherboard i have since i have a prebuilt shit pc
  4. you have any idea if the Corsair Value DDR4 2133MHz 8GB will work with the Crucial DDR4 2133MHz 8gb ?
  5. Hey y'all just wondering if i can have 2 diffrent ram sticks with the same speed and memory (2133mhz)
  6. well now were stuck at the choose to install windows on what drive and we cant select a drive
  7. if that doesnt work? xd sorry for late answer
  8. so restart the pc and spam f10?
  9. dont acctualy know since its not my pc, but i think its the ssd since it gets stuck while doing a memory check. is there any way to change to way the pc wants to boot? since i have a USB drive with win10 on it
  10. The Harddrive or ssd?
  11. Hopefully the picture says it all, When i press F2 it starts to do a memory check and fails on the ssd Please ask for more information if needed
  12. Translation: the computer has unexpectedly restarted or an unexpected problem has arisen. Unable to continue installing Windows. To install Windows, restart your computer again by clicking OK, and then restarting the installation when i click ok the laptop reboots and the error comes up agian