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    So I have been having wifi problems for the longest time now, probably around the past 8 years of problems.. I have AT&T, I'm paying for their unlimited Internet 1000 plan... anyways I went to the control panel on google and I've noticed that there are these "amazon-20fcfefb2" devices that keep popping up... and they started out just a few and keep multiplying every now and then, anyways sometimes when I check maybe 1/2 of them are using all of my wifi.... all in green bars but the rest of my devices which I changed the names on and checked the ips to make sure it's not me are all in yellow/red bars.... I've googled searched the IP address and it takes me to some random address in my state.. anyways I'm just posting to ask what the hell are they? lol
  2. So I just built my pc earlier this year and everything was going fine and now my CPU is overheating for no reason... here is a screenshot of the benchmark on 3DMARK alongside CPUID.. Any help would be appreciated. https://pnrtscr.com/ck08e6
  3. Do these look okay for my build? Everything is stock on the PC, I ran 1080p at max settings. https://gyazo.com/226ea64b5be86cb9a272dc603c738753
  4. Okay so this sound keeps playing constantly... there is no notification, nothing, I don t have on sticky keys or anything I ve tried everything and looked everywhere to find what this sound is and where it s coming from...... I clipped the sound on twitch... this doesn't happen all the time... its random when it happens but it lasts for about 5 minutes each time sometimes more... it is literally driving me ♥♥♥♥ing crazy here is the clip and yes I've went into my windows sounds and tested them all to see if this noise was one of them, and it s not... Also, I've downloaded process monitor and added expections for .wav .mp3 .FLAC and .OGG files to monitor where the sound is coming from and nothing shows up when it plays... I've check Discord, and all my other apps to see if they have any notifications enabled but they dont, I don't keep anything open unless im using it... I also checked my task manager and nothing odd is there... everything looks normal.. please someone help
  5. Just built this setup, has a i5-9600k, ernermax cpu cooler, with 6 case fans everything is at stock speeds and the cpu is stock 3.7ghz I ran IntelBurnTest and I put to Very High load and it maxed out at 72 degrees and took 42 seconds to complete 1 run, I know the 9600k is more of a strict gaming cpu but I was just wondering if those were good temps... I run about 50 degrees celcius on witcher 3 1080p all Ultra 130+fps, my idle temps are 29 - 34 degrees Celcius
  6. Okay so I'm about to buy parts to build a new PC and I need help seeing if everything I bought would fit correctly? Case: INWIN Black ATX Mid Tower (Item Dimensions =18.9 x 17.5 x 8.7 in) Motherboard: MSI Z390-A Pro (Item Dimensions = 12 x 9.6 x 1.2 in) CPU cooler: DeepCool NEPTWIN (Item Dimensions = 7.09 x 8.98 x 6.5 in) GPU: MSI RTX 2060 Dual Fan (Item Dimensions = 8.9 x 5.1 x 1.6 in) PSU: Corsair CX 550W (Item Dimensions = 5.9 x 5.5 x 3.38 in) I know I probably have nothing to worry about the case handling these parts.. but I want to make sure that MID tower will be large enough for those items... I know it will fit the GIGABYTE Z370P D3 motherboard
  7. Alright thank you so much... saved me huh? Lol so the EVGA BQ are a no go for me?
  8. Alright cool I'll go with that ty.... I dont want a PSU over 80$ tho my budget is total of $1300
  9. I havent bought anything yet... and if you could reference me a good PSU I'd appreciate it
  10. Would a 500W PSU be enough for RTX 2060 /i5-9600k? or do I need to go with 600W?