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  1. SiDiX

    Z35P or X34P

    what about if its supporting GSync or might be flickering or other issues i dk have u tested with Gsync enabled ?
  2. SiDiX

    Z35P or X34P

    so X34P wins above all other ultrawides 34inchs+? (Gsync) or is there better with less issues but 120hz+ ?
  3. SiDiX

    Z35P or X34P

    GPU : RTX 2080 TI Hello Guys, I have been doing alot of Research about monitors world.. and i know Z35p is VA Pannel and X34P is IPS and both are same rest specs except for the IPS have a little more colors but honstly i never bought a monitor before.. (Been Using Plasma) For a Long Time.. 16:9 (60Hz) so i dont wanna buy a monitor and regret it.. can you help me please which is better IPS or VA while both are same specs ((Some PPL Say IPS is Bad for glow or Bad Black Colors and i dk what is that IRL means and other ppl say VA IS very Bad for Ghosting but good for Dark Black Colors + high Contrast)) Conclusion i'm Lost.. Rescue Me Guys.. All i want is a monitor to be suitable for Gaming@100-120FPS and watching movies or Series and Enjoy it