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  1. Hey all, I'm looking for a retailer in North America that sells the Cryorig C7 RGB cooler for an SFF build I'm planning. Cryorig pulled out of the US for a while in protest of the tariffs on Chinese imports, but they have started distributing again through OutletPC. Unfortunately, OutletPC hasn't stocked the part yet. The Cryorig website also doesn't list anything for Canada. Anyone know of any other places that sell Cryorig parts in the US or Canada?
  2. I was considering getting the Geeekcase A50. CPU is a Ryzen 1600, motherboard will probably be Asus or Gigabyte. Ram is Gskill Trident Z RGB.
  3. Hey all, I'm looking for a 92mm RGB fan for a low profile cooler. I'm considering building an SFF ITX computer and may be restricted on the cooler height. The only 92mm RGB cooler I found so far is the Cryorig C7 RGB, but Cryorig is currently not selling the unit in my country (USA) in protest of my government's tariffs against China. (Side note, importing it and paying the tariff myself would increase the cost to $60-70 USD before state sales tax). Where can I find a 92mm fan with RGB?
  4. Hey all, I was cleaning my room today when I discovered that I still had my old iPod Touch. I used it in college from 2011-2014 and its been in my desk ever since. I tried booting it to see if I had anything valuable on it but I quickly remembered that I had installed a tethered Redsn0w jailbreak on it. Redsn0w is not compatible with the latest iTunes and my usual workaround involving a Windows XP virtual machine (VirtualBox) is not working either. When I put my iPod in DFU mode, I can no longer pass it through to the XP VM. Any suggestions or ideas? Should I try this in VMWare instead of VirtualBox? Or do I have to backup my iTunes library and install iTunes 10.7 on the host OS to get Redsn0w to work?
  5. The whole point of that post is that I don't want to use the rear jack for my headphones. I already use it for a set of speakers. I want to use the front jack. If I start OCing stuff again I might. Or if I upgrade to the new Ryzen processor. Or do a custom loop. Trying to plan for the future a bit since I have the opportunity.
  6. Any model suggestions? I saw the Prime Ultra Titanium but was hoping for something a tad less expensive. Shooting for 850 watts.
  7. I posted in the GPU forum about it. Tried everything except replace the PSU or GPU. I figured the PSU was the culprit since that's the one part I haven't upgraded yet. My original system two years ago had a low end ASUS 1060 3GB in it that didn't draw much power/current.
  8. Hey all, My two year old EVGA 650 GQ has some serious ripple going on. It's causing my GPU to coil whine and will sometimes even transfer the whine into my headphones. Since any RMA would leave me without my computer (I have a laptop, but otherwise that's it), I am forced to buy another power supply with less ripple. So which PSUs have the least amount of ripple? I was looking at the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold line, but was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions.
  9. For me, it's the fragmentation of Linux. Each distro is essentially its own OS. They all may have the same brain (the Linux kernel), but they each behave very differently. And the whole "if you don't like it, fork it" thing really doesn't help. Right now, I've been liking Pop! OS. It feels like a what-if version of Ubuntu had they not launched Unity in 2011. Great driver support, great multimedia playback, most stuff just works, bare bones GNOME for maximum compatibility, and good meta packages for proprietary drivers if you need them. Modern Ubuntu still has way too much stuff left over from Unity, which still causes things to break. I also used to like Linux Mint but Cinnamon has similar problems. So yeah, the thing that keeps me on Windows is the fact that it's open enough to build stuff on but not split apart into Horcruxes. Linux is an engineering masterpiece, but I don't think it's fair to consider each distro compatible with one another.
  10. Spoke too soon guys. The noise has returned and even louder than before. Since I have to take my system completely apart to view the numbers EVGA needs for their warranty site, I'll probably buy a new power supply (most likely Seasonic Gold) and sell the EVGA one if they decide to repair/replace it to minimize downtime. But I guess that's what I get for using an $80 "lower range" gold PSU on higher end overclocking parts. Again, thanks for your help guys!
  11. So I went ahead and cracked my build open. The audio cable was right up against the power supply. Ran it across the top I/O shield and wrapped the wires together in electrical tape at the tip (the sleeve ends one inch before the connector). I also flipped the GPU to the Master BIOS (the Slave BIOS draws more power and I'm not OCing at the moment) and tried a new 3.5 inch aux cable in my headphones. The static noise has disappeared. Well I'm already eyeing a Corsair Air 540 off OfferUp in my area for around $50-60, so you're a little late. The S340 Elite is clearly designed with mid range hardware in mind, not overclocking parts. I'm also running out of room to stow cables. But yeah, I'll probably get a Seasonic Platnium PSU sometime in the future. I read those are a whole lot better on 12v ripple. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and help!
  12. Forgot to mention something. I do get coil whine on this card when my PC speakers are plugged in (an old Bose Wave system on aux mode). I was going to get a new aux cord for my headphones today but maybe I should try it there too. I'm using a lot of old cables externally. I mentioned my PSU because JonnyGuru mentioned something about 12v ripple on my model, so that's another possibility. There's also the fact that the S340 Elite really isn't aging too well. Only two years old and I'm already dealing with stripping screws and issues with the front panel plastic. It seems like I paid for the glass side panel more than the actual case. So the wiring could be bad too.
  13. It is routed through the cable management bar to the back. It does come in contact with the 24 pin, SATA, and some USB cables but nothing that powers the GPU. It then is routed through a cutout on top to the front panel circuit board. I'm also using an EVGA 650 GQ power supply. I heard some PSU models can cause interference via 12v ripple, but I have no idea if that's the case here since I'm the son of a maintenance electrician and not an electrical engineer.
  14. Yeah. Integrated sound on a Crosshair VI AM4 socket. Also, this thing just got weirder. It only affects the front headphone jack on my case (NZXT S340 Elite). The rear jack is fine when connected to headphones. So my GPU is definitely leaking some sort of electricity to either make the noise on itself or my headphones.
  15. Headphones only make the noise on this computer. They're the Phillips SHP9500 (great open backs btw).